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War Ukraine – Russia, last minute live today: Putin takes a turn in his speech

War Ukraine – Russia, last minute live today: Putin takes a turn in his speech

Basque newspaper directors demand respect for the human rights of journalist Pablo González

The Basque newspaper directors were the News Group, Vocento Group, Gara and Berria publish a letter, at the initiative of the Association and College of Basque Journalists, in which they defend democratic principles, Human rights and a demand, based on the presumption of innocence, that they be applied in the case of the Basque journalist Paul Gonzalez.

González is accused of being a Russian spy more than six months in prison in Poland, in preventive detention, incommunicado and subject to a “hard” prison regime. He was arrested in Februarywhen I was working as a reporter in that country, reporting on the a descendant of the Ukrainian population after the Russian invasion.

“We ask all the institutions involved to try to release him and ensure that you have a fair and transparent judicial process, regardless of the outcome. Likewise, we reiterate the need, in any circumstances or emergency, let the media and journalists work freelysecurity and full guarantee of respect for human rights”, says the letter.

“War It cannot be an excuse to restrict freedom of speech and the citizen’s right to information”, inform the directors of the Basque written press.

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