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Huazihul Marabunta for Resettlement won the Gold-Silver Cup

Huazihul Marabunta for Resettlement won the Gold-Silver Cup

They raised their hands. With many casualties, but always with the same love; Huazihul took a huge victory against a team that remembered late to attack. The Tricolor knew how to strike first. Then, with a lot of patience, he managed the advantage and when he regained control of the ball, he finished the story in his favor to get back into the fight for promotion.

In the first stage, the Cacique planted a flag in someone else’s field. He quickly gained an advantage. Two tries from Franco Tejada and Rogelio Sánchez as well as five more goals from Ramiro Pérez put the San Juan team fifteen ahead in twelve minutes. Despite this, the team fell into a very dangerous hole that the people of Rio Negro were taking advantage of little by little. Multiple fouls by the local team allowed Marabunta to get within range after four Ignacio Álvarez post hits to go into the break 15-12.

The second stage kept the audience in suspense. Both teams disputed the ball in midfield. The Rio Negro Ants had a chance to equalize, but the kick went near the posts. This warning gave Huazihul an opportunity to respond. Good handling of the ball from one side to the other left Rogelio Sánchez hand in hand with the defense and the wing was again uncalled for. Ramiro Pérez then widened the gap with another penalty and conversion to make it 25-12.

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Full time. Leader of Victoria. The sanjuaninos raised their hands against a rival that is always difficult to face. In addition, they got a bonus point to close the gap with San Juan BC and get 6 behind the lead. The next party visits the University; a team that has already won the first round of the Gold-Silver Cup Relocation.

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