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how is the modality that adds followers and advantages in electronic sports

how is the modality that adds followers and advantages in electronic sports

In the case of NFT Gamingthis digital good can be a land, a sword, an avatar, a suit, etc. Any element that is part of the video game and that its developers commercialize.

Some examples of platforms that today apply to NFT Gaming can be Axie Infinity, BigTime, MetaSoccer, The Harvest and several Triple A projects that pave the way for a new era of video games, in which players can monetize their time through earnings obtained in cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain and the properties of objects

Until now, it is the platforms – the owners of the games or developers – who decide if a digital object belongs to the player or notand if you can get it out of that particular space.

“A sword in World of Warcraft, or a Spiderman suit in Fortnite, they are not really the user, but are tied to their account, which makes a big difference,” he explains. Cesar Vidal Scassoconsultant and president of ADEEMA (Association of Electronic and Electromechanical Sports Argentina).

The Harvest.png

Nevertheless, with blockchain technology and NFTs, user ownership would be guaranteed. That is, before, the characters and weapons were sold outside of a game, creating a gigantic, but primitive economy.

Now, says Vidal Scasso, “NFT technology revolutionized the way of marketing between players, marking an evolution of the way we playof interacting and even working within the gaming sector, something that seemed very far away and that, however, is growing by leaps and bounds”.

Video games that use blockchain technology

  • Harvest is a shooter with a futuristic setting, where several teams of three players seek to achieve victory, conquering rival bases. With fast-paced gameplay, high-end graphics, and constant development, it strongly positions itself as a top-of-the-line “Triple A” title.
  • MetaSoccer allows the user to put himself in command of his own football team, from the administrative part of it. You will be able to build your “dream team”, buying and selling players in the store, to start competing against other players.
  • big time. If you think of an NFT game that has a solid studio and development behind it, is this. An MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) game by classes, where the user has an open world, a large number of monsters and Dungeons (labyrinthine structures) designed to defeat them together with his friends.
  • Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games with the largest community. Its peculiar style, which combines the role of classes, cards, turns and strategycatches great players who dedicate hours to take it to the highest possible competitive level, where they duel to add points in the ranking and get a great reward, in each season.

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