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The TikToker reckons she got 11 of her 29 celebrity predictions for 2022 right

The TikToker reckons she got 11 of her 29 celebrity predictions for 2022 right

An American tiktoker who made a series of predictions about various events and news related to celebrities that were to happen in 2022 has recently gone viral after the last of his predictions came true, death of queen elizabeth ii.

in January Hannah published a list of 29 news items related to famous people such as Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé or the Kardashians which, according to this, was to happen this 2022 and until now 11 of them got it right.

Other successful news include the son of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, the breakup of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, Rihanna’s pregnancy, the new albums with Harry Styles and Beyonce or the Kanye West scandal, without a doubt the ease. predict all.

Hannah Carroll, 19, has revealed that she earns around £1,500 a month working as a psychic and telling the future to the various people who employ her specialized services.

Hannah, who lives in Foxborough, Massachusetts, USA, said: “It’s very exciting when something I’ve predicted happens, I love seeing it come true.”

“I’ve always liked pop culture and celebrities, so a lot of my predictions were about that,” he explained of his powers.

“I always had a feeling that something was going to happen. It’s like a vision I have that something is happening, like a very strong feeling.

“Now I run a business where people send me photos and I can get an idea of ​​when they’re going to have a baby or change careers or find love,” he said.

Complete list of Hannah Carroll predictions

– Queen Elizabeth will die

– Taylor Swift will announce her marriage/relationship

– Hailey Bieber will have a son

-Harry Styles album

– One Direction reunion/song/album/tour

– Kendall Jenner Engagement

– Kourtney and Travis either break up or have a baby, I don’t know which one

– There will be a Gay Disney Princess

– Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox will have a son

-Nick Jonas and Priyanka will have a son

– Billie Eilish will announce that she is bisexual

– tammy from 1000 pound sisters will die

– Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson will break up

– There will be a crazy Kanye West scandal

– Noah Beck and Dixie will break up

– Kylie Jenner’s baby was born with a medical problem

– There will be a foreign sighting

Beyonce’s album

– 6ix9ine will die

– The first gay bachelor / bachelorette season

– Ariana Grande’s new boyfriend

– Someone else will speak out against Sienna Mae

– They will announce that the next season of Grey’s Anatomy will be the last

– Jamie Lynn Spears will be exposed for lying about Britney

– Another James Charles scandal will undo him forever

– Another paternity test will reveal that Tristan Thompson had another child with Khloe

– Rihanna’s pregnancy

– Niki Minaj is having another baby

– Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom will get back together or reconnect