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Pumas were seen again in several areas of the estuary

Pumas were seen again in several areas of the estuary

After disappearing into different portals of Esteros del Iberá, pumas were seen again in the area, according to Fundación Rewilding Argentina. “During the 20th century, Iberá suffered a severe transgression process that eliminated numerous key species for the health and functioning of the ecosystem,” they said on their social media.

In addition, they indicated that some species return on their own, as in this case, and others are reintroduced by the organization itself and other organizations.

In a paper, they noted that through camera traps they recorded young male pumas in four different locations in Iberá, “definitely chased by other adult males from the areas where they were peopled,” they said.

The animals were seen in the ports of Carambola, Laguna Iberá, Yerbalito and San Alonso islands.

“We caught two of them and fitted them with GPS radio collars, which we are tracking,” they added.

At the same time, they noted that thanks to the creation of the 750,000 hectare Gran Iberá park, it has allowed some species that were extinct locally to come from nearby places and return to populate it.

At the beginning of the month, they had moved a cougar that appeared in the town of Mariano I. Loza and the neighbors informed the police. Eventually, he was moved by the Aguará center to an area more suitable for survival, in the Iberá Provincial Reserve.

The house, which is located in Alvear and Arenales, was attended by police officers from the Special Forces and the Department of Ecology, among other agencies that left immediately.

“They sedated him to catch him and take him to a safer place and in harmony with his natural environment.” This is done in the case of big cats, because the idea is not to lock them in the Aguará center as many think, but to take them to a safer place. At 18:00 they took him to another area,” said Catalina Mancedo, supervisor of the environmental education and outreach area in Aguará.

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