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La Nación / They ask to reduce obstacles to foreign trade

La Nación / They ask to reduce obstacles to foreign trade

From the Federation of Rural Associations of Mercosur (Farm) they point out that it is urgent to reduce restrictions on exports, tariff and non-tariff barriers to trade in order to guarantee international agricultural trade.

They point out that all this is essential to take care of world food security. They issued a statement after the meeting between the unions of the countries that make up the Farm, referred to the situation in international trade for which they asked to reduce the restrictions and barriers that are exerted on it, in order to guarantee food security.

They indicated that due to advances in the knowledge and control of foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), with new vaccines and diagnostic methods, together with the progress and strengthening of highly sophisticated and efficient veterinary services, the safe trade of commodities is facilitated through FMD-free countries or zones without vaccination.

He advocated that a paradigm shift be achieved in foot-and-mouth disease status and that countries or zones free of the disease with vaccination be equivalent to free countries without vaccination. They point out that this maintains health security and facilitates the trade of meat, meat products and genetic material, avoiding the unnecessary slaughter of animals. They indicated that a work commission was set up to jointly and effectively develop issues related to caring for the environment, production systems and tariff barriers.

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