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How advisable is it to use Infonavit credit? 5 reasons to use it

How advisable is it to use Infonavit credit? 5 reasons to use it

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Certainly, the dream of many young people is to be able to become independent and eventually leave their parents’ house, however, many hesitate because they believe that they still do not have enough resources. But if you have already collected your Infonavit points, we will give you motives and reasons for which it is recommended use you Infonavit credit right now.

By having a formal job, one of the advantages is that you can contribute to the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), where your employer must make monthly contributions to the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers (Infonavit), as part of the labor rights that employees have.

In this way, many young people who start work at 18 have the opportunity to contribute with a new points system that they can access. mortgage loan since before.

Is it convenient for you to buy an Infonavit house?

Is it convenient to use the Infonavit mortgage loan?

While buying a house probably isn’t in their plans as they finish college, the truth is that buying a house with Infonavit creditas soon as you get available points you have some advantageat Binary Herald we tell you five reasons for use you Infonavit credit:

  1. It is an investment in the future: since even when you do not intend to become independent, acquiring a home will be a long-term investment for your property.
  2. All employer contributions go directly to capital: since it is a right that all workers have, 5% of the worker’s salary is intended to have his own house and the rest of the house is paid directly from that.
  3. Savings from a sub-account can be used as a payout: it is the money that the employer contributes every month as part of the benefits to its employees, can help with the down payment on a house or apartment.
  4. You can use the house as an asset: where if you are not going to use it yet you can rent the house and that way it pays for itself.
  5. You will be little interested: This is due to the fact that with the new change in Infonavit units, the credits are now given in pesos and not during the minimum wage period, so previously workers paid more and for more years.

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