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Dog accidentally locks door, locking family out for two hours: video | pop culture entertainment

Dog accidentally locks door, locking family out for two hours: video | pop culture entertainment

This was demonstrated by the TikTok user identified as Alex Desventura, who has a Siberian husky named Obito, who one day decided to “evict” him and his brother from their home. Here is the funny story.

Dog “left by his owners on the street”: he accidentally locked the door

Through a video of a little more than a minute, Alex Desventura said that he and his brother left their home to take classes at the university. However, on the way back, they were unable to open the door because their pet had accidentally locked it.

The two of them spent two hours outside, trying to open the lock after connecting two sticks to get it out of a window, while their pets watched the whole action from a distance.

The funny video of Obito’s misery quickly went viral and currently has more than 900 thousand views. For that reason, Alex Desventura decided to update his situation through another recording.

He gave his hypothesis about how the husky locked the door. He also explained that this was the first time this had happened, as the dog came to the family a year ago through adoption.

The comments section was filled with jokes from TikTok users:

“The dog says they are old enough to be independent, they can’t live with him anymore”, “I never imagined so much evil in such a cute puppy”, “The puppy saw it with ‘I’ll call the police ‘ face”, , “Husky: why are you leaving, I didn’t send you out”, “Your pet went in a plan: I don’t know you, I see you in court, I already got advice”, “The dog that their locks have already been changed”, , “The Husky’s appearance clearly shows that he planned not to go in”, “He wanted his privacy and they didn’t let him” or “They didn’t pay the rent, they threw him a kilo of croquettes to let them in”.

Regarding his adopted pet, Alex Desventura, who lives in Mexico City and is a fan of anime and manga, explained that he chose the name Óbito together with his brother in honor of a character from “Naruto”.

What did you think of this fun canine trick? Tell us in the comments what you think about it.

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