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Descendant Morante passionate deep gold from many leads in the Maestranza – Toros

Descendant Morante passionate deep gold from many leads in the Maestranza – Toros

Paco Aguado

The Maestranza de Sevilla was once again passionate this Friday with Morante de la Puebla, the veteran artist who filled the evening with the purest and complete commitment to many very small choices, but from which he, nevertheless, took moments real bullfighting memories. .

The genius from Puebla walked only one ear, which in this case is the least important, but the data takes its true value if one takes into account that it was done after two punctures and a faulty lunge.

But, in fact, the whole weight of that legendary trophy was based on everything that had happened before, in a true demonstration of what is called “the passionate dedication” of the great bullfighter writer, Pepe Alameda, and that Morante one of the most prominent representatives. of the history of bullfighting.

And the strange thing is that no one could have imagined it even when that fourth bull came out into the arena and showed signs, in uncoordinated shortening of the first blow, that he was badly hurt, though not the president wanted to bring him back to the center. pens.

But, among his many bullfighting talents, Morante also deposits that surprise, that of seeing a bull that no one sees, and taking it out of his bullfighter’s cap, as if from the top of a hat wizard, a catalog of resources that can achieve. what seems impossible.

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