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Car Almost Hits Girl Crossing Street With Family in San Mateo – NBC Bay Area

Car Almost Hits Girl Crossing Street With Family in San Mateo – NBC Bay Area

A car video camera earlier this month showed the driver of a vehicle nearly hitting a girl riding her scooter at a San Mateo intersection.

The incident happened on September 14 at the intersection of Franklin Parkway and Baze Road. The car hit the front of the girl’s scooter but avoided her and her family who were walking behind her. The family said the girl was fine.

The camera of Dr. Jison Hong the close call.

“I see a family, two small children who are similar in age to me, so the first thing that comes to mind as a parent is, ‘This could easily be me,'” said Hong. “Every time I remember that moment, my heart skips a beat.”

San Mateo police Sgt. Craig Collom said the driver was “inexperienced” and “unaware of his surroundings”.

“In the initial video, it’s like a hit-and-run, but I think he realized he hit something or something happened and went down to where it was safe for him to get back,” a Collom said.

Hong said the driver, who is still facing consequences, was nervous.

“He looked very upset and probably surprised by what happened and also realized that there could have been a very different outcome,” Hong said.

Hong said the neighborhood will continue to push for more safety measures, including lowering the speed limit to 35 mph and making sure drivers can see the intersection before another close call or worse.

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