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007’s new agent will serve “king and country,” say producers

007’s new agent will serve “king and country,” say producers

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The next James Bond will serve king and country, but talks about the franchise’s future with Amazon, the 007 agent’s new owner, have not “started in earnest”. This is what the manufacturer said Barbara Broccoli this wednesday.

Broccoli and his half-brother, Michael G. Wilson, spoke to AFP about where the franchise will continue. a total of 25 movies. The event takes place after immortalizing his footprints in cement at the famous TCL Chinese Theater in the heart of Hollywood.

The latest Bond film, No time to die in 2021, it was the last version in which Daniel Craig starred. Since then, Amazon bought the MGM studio behind 007, with speculation that changes could be in store for the world’s new most famous fictional agent.

“We are just starting our relationship with Amazon.” We haven’t really started talking the next Bond film still,” said Broccoli.

As stewards of the franchise founded 60 years ago by his father, Albert “Cubby” Broccoli, “we’re not always going to rest on our laurels, stick to a formula,” he added.

In the midst of rumors about the next production of the franchise is who will play the super spy with a license to kill.

Daniel Craig was initially a controversial choice, especially due to his blonde hair and stocky build. However, his five films as 007 broke box office records, with Skyfall outselling them more than 1,000 million international standards.

Some fans have suggested that the next Bond could be played by a non-white actor for the first time, but Broccoli dismissed claims that it could be a woman in the future.

“There are some things that are formulaic” and will always be, the producer told AFP.

“James Bond’s personality is the most important element in these films and we believe that he is incorruptiblewho works for the Queen and now for the King and for the country,” he said.

“He’s not into it for your own good, but trying to keep the world a safer place. I think these are things we definitely wouldn’t change.”

“They want to surprise”

But Broccoli said his father “always tried to make us feel safe to take risks, so that Bond can change over time.”

“We like to change it up and sometimes it worksbut others don’t, but it keeps it fresh,” he added.

Eon, the family business, has a lot of creative control over the Bond franchise, on which it was originally based Ian Fleming’s novels.

Barbara and her half-brother Michael have been at the forefront of movies since GoldenEye was released in 1995, a year after their father’s death.

With the help of a complex contract, Eon split the profits with the legendary MGM studio, which had the right to finance and distribute the 007 pictures.

But the studio was bought by Amazon before $8.5 billion with an agreement made in March. It was later revealed that the team in charge of MGM films was on its way out.

In another sign of changing times, streaming service Amazon Prime Video is launching an eight-episode Bond-themed reality show. The series will be called 007: the way to the million

Wilson told AFP that it was important for the Bond films to keep up with global trends and challenges.

“What will the world be worried about in two or three years? doHow do we stay relevant?said.

“So far it has worked very well. You can’t fear change, you have to embrace it and you can’t do the same thing over and over again. You have to change a little.”

“The public has expectations. But they also want to surprise, so that’s part of the effort.”

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