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Ibercaja supports companies with more than 1,400M of financing

Ibercaja supports companies with more than 1,400M of financing

Ibercaja has reported the formalization with more than 1,432 million euros of financing to companies in the first half of the year (credit to non-real estate companies). This figure means 12.3% more than between January and June 2021.

This dynamic, which It far exceeds the goals of the bank based in Aragon for these monthsresponds to the intensification of business credit lines promoted by its 2023 Challenge Plan and reinforced with the creation, at the beginning of last year, of a new Business Banking area.

Credit investment for companies has advanced in 183 million euros in the first six months of the year, reaching 8,199 million euros, 2.3% above the balance it presented at the end of last year. This increase has allowed Ibercaja to advance its market share by 6 basis points in the year and continue to increase the share of credit to companies in the total portfolio, which already represents 27%.

Regarding the negotiated volume of circulating credit for companies, this has been 4,910 million euros, 33.4% more than that of the first six months of 2021. Of these, 965 million euros correspond to June, a figure that has been the historical maximum achieved by the bank in one month.

These dates reflect the progressive reactivation of business activity, although more slowly than expected due to the current economic context; and the beginning of the arrival of funds Next Generationwhich are contributing to the recovery of business investment.

Notably close to 33% of new production of credit to non-real estate companies corresponds to the Community of Madrid, Bank expansion area. As for the investment funds that Ibercaja created with the aim of making the surplus liquidity of companies profitable, 104 million net contributions have been accounted for this semester, with 77% of inflows recorded in Aragon.


In a difficult economic situation, Ibercaja has intensified its commercial activity and has valued its business model, which has led him to attract 3,436 new companies between January and June. In recent years, the Entity has strengthened and specialized its commercial structure and has expanded its catalog of products and services; has renewed its banking online and has created the aforementioned Business Banking area, as well as a Corporate and Syndicated Banking Financing unit, which is allowing it to boost its business with companies.

In the last year, in particular, the bank has also carried out various actions to accompany companies in obtaining and materializing aid from the funds Next Generationaware of the opportunity they represent for the activation of investment in business projects.

Thus, it has made available to companies a digital tool for the personalized search for aid and a complementary financing offer in the form of loans, advances and guarantees; has made a alliance with four technology companies, Microsoft Hiberus, Integra and Inycom, to offer a new digital promotion program for small and medium-sized companies in all sectors of activity; and maintains a collaboration with the reputed specialized consultants Mazars and Silo, which offer an advisory service to access the funds from the plan Next Generation EU.

Additionally, the bank has prepared a Complementary financing offer that includes advances, loans and guarantees. Ibercaja has eight Business Centers and 14 Company Spaces for this customer segment in the main offices of its network, and has 350 professional specialists in companies, the financial institution has reported.

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