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classes to open a business on the street – NBC Los Angeles

classes to open a business on the street – NBC Los Angeles

A Los Angeles County organization offers street vendors a free training program on how to successfully operate their business.

The program, which consists of four classes, is sponsored by the organization Initiating Changes in Our Neighborhoods (ICON-CDC). Students attend once a week to prepare for the legal sale of street food.

“We’re going to teach them a little bit about how to start the business, what licenses and permits they need,” says Elizabeth Padilla, from the ICON-CDC street vendor program.

The first 40 salespeople who took the classes recently received their diploma. By the end of the course, they knew what it takes to run their business such as permits, advertising and finance.

But they also qualify for one of the $2,500-$7,500 scholarships to help them buy their car to start their produce business.

“When they go to the 4 classes they can qualify for the money that we are going to give them and that will be used for their business,” said Padilla.

“I hope with this money they can help them make a down payment or if they want to rent the cart or the lunch box with that money they can do it.”

The organization will continue to offer these workshops free of charge, at its Pacoima headquarters, to groups of up to 40 people interested in setting up their own travel business.

For more information about this program, you can visit the ICON-CDC page, by clicking here or call (818) 302-6114.