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Gruyeros, suspected of causing accidents; drivers accuse of spilling oil on the Mexico-Toluca

Gruyeros, suspected of causing accidents; drivers accuse of spilling oil on the Mexico-Toluca

Jorge is a taxi driver by request and more than a month ago while driving on the highway Mexico – Toluca, between kilometers 14 and 15, his car skidded and he was about to turn back: “I took a curve and d “I left without further delay, I was able to maneuver quickly and ended up on a roadside fence, but if I hadn’t reacted in time I would have gone into the bay,” he recalls, noting that he, along with other drivers, suspects that a crane is the cause of these accidents. operators who are “upset” in that place.

After this scare and when he got out of the vehicle to make sure that everything was in order, he noticed that oil was being poured on the asphalt in the aforementioned curve, which made him understand: “He hit me right in that part. where the curve is there was so much oil and I checked and my car didn’t throw it.

Photo taken by Miguel on the day of the accident

Photo taken by Jorge on the day of the accident

This driver says that by coincidence a road assistance tow truck from the Government of the State of Mexico is always parked there and when he suffered the accident they immediately offered him help, although he did not need it and he was able to continue face his journey.

Jorge revealed to Crónica that he was interested after the scare and the incident about the oil being spilled on that curve and why exactly that crane is in operation and why its operators did not report that there is grease on the asphalt or that failed and as a good deed they will clean it with dirt or warn with some sign.

With this concern, this app service taxi driver returned to the scene on the same day of his accident and found that someone had an accident on the scene due to the same spilled oil.

“There were two accidents, a car that overturned and the tow truck that ‘helped’ him get on his four wheels after he overturned and another that apparently got scared. I jumped over the retaining wall and someone called me by my name,” says Jorge.

This driver explains that it was Máirtín who was the victim of the accident, a colleague like himself who slipped, but he was not lucky enough to avoid the disaster and turned his unit over.

“My colleague told me that he lost control because there was oil on the asphalt, but since his car overturned, he had to use the tow truck, but it was strange that the operators of the tow truck told him that they would take . to his home or his workshop, but without calling his insurance.”

Martin also shared this incident with this newspaper, who revealed that the crane operators were very helpful in helping him, however, when he told them he would ask for his insurance, they advised him not to, as according to what they said. for me “it would take a long time. When they arrived, they also told me that the insurance could not cover it in that area because it is a federal area, and I agreed, I didn’t suspect anything until I met Jorge.

Martin remembers that while attending the accident, Jorge toured the area and found an empty gallon of car oil lying a few meters from the valley, he asked the tow truck operators and they said with him “it was a few hours before. another accident with that vehicle I had spilled the oil, but it was all over the curve, there was no sign of any accident or traces of parts of an accident car, but that gallon was empty.”

Oil container for cars found by Martin

Oil container for cars found by Martin

Jorge’s doubts grew more and more, so again, and with the empty gallon proof in hand, he asked the Gruyeros again: “I went over, left the gallon next to him, and then said one of the chalanes with the other: take that away. .” gallon there and they did the accident again for me,” he confirmed.

With the traffic of the crane operators, everything became clear to me, said Jorge, and his doubts grew stronger. “If they had nothing to do with the oil spill, why the need to hide that gallon and be precisely on the scene to help injured drivers and prevent them from calling their insurance?”

“It gave me courage, since it’s impudence, can you imagine if I had turned around and raised my children?” Jorge said.

Jorge and Martin say they will find out if other drivers who have suffered a similar accident in that location have needed the service offered by the operators of this tow truck, because if so, it is suspected that these accidents could to encourage more firmly, therefore. They will act on the matter and file a complaint against the person responsible.

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