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subjects flee after robbing loan collector “drop by drop”

subjects flee after robbing loan collector “drop by drop”

At noon yesterday, a case of robbery with violence in Region 102 was reported to the 911 emergency number, a fact that after the first investigations, it was revealed that the victim was a collector related to the “Columbian mafia” of loans “drip by drip”.

According to preliminary information, the events occurred on 127th Avenue between José López Portillo Avenue and Francisco I. Madero Avenue, better known as Route 4.

In that place, the woman of Colombian origin was riding an Italika brand motorcycle, when suddenly was intercepted by two armed individualswho demanded that he hand over all the money he had already collected, as well as the motorcycle.

Possibly to avoid problems, the woman agreed, after which the criminals escaped.

The victim notified the authorities and a search operation was immediately activated, which, through the cameras of the C5, managed to locate the trail of the assailants when they were circulating on the same 127th avenue aboard the stolen motorcycle.

However, this was not very helpful because, despite the quick location, the police faced an unexpected enemy: lack of driver education.

The motorists prevented the patrols from passing even when they turned on the sirens, thus giving the thieves time to they escaped aboard a car that was waiting for themabandoning the motorcycle in the place.

The victim said that he would not file the corresponding complaint because he kept the keys to the unit and only wanted to take it on his own, although he would possibly go to the Prosecutor’s Office in the company of his employers to report the theft of cash.

So far there is no more information about the assailants, however, it is suspected that they knew the woman’s movements and activities, because after threatening her, they demanded “the money she had collected.”

(With information from De Peso)

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