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The Teaching Hospital survives with medicine loans and the crisis worsens

The Teaching Hospital survives with medicine loans and the crisis worsens

TEGUCIGALPA, HONDURAS.-The Medical School (HE) has managed to provide medication coverage until September through donations and loans from other hospitals in the country.

The Herald He consulted with the hospital authorities to find out which hospitals they turned to for help with benefits and donations, however, they did not give an answer.

In the most important care center in the country, in general, there is a supply of 59% in medicines.

According to official figures, vital drugs represent 54%, while essential drugs represent 50%.

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Currently, the health entity is involved in a severe crisis due to the low supply of drugs.

However, the authorities reported that the bidding processes for the direct purchase of medicines began in March of this year.

“These tenders that are being held are to cover the remainder of 2022 and the first quarter of 2023 to cover supplies and medicines and thus not have the ‘crisis’, so to speak, we have right now,” he declared. Julieth ChavarriaHE spokesperson.

He added that the purchase of medicines through the trust guaranteed having a supply of more than 90%.

Sectors of society have also considered that the shortage of medicines in HE is the product of the fact that the trust that acquired them was eliminated.

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The Minister of the Ministry of Health, Joseph Manuel Matheu, considered at the time to maintain the drug purchase trust “because it is very good.” However, months later, at the beginning of last May, the Executive Power decided to eliminate it to acquire the inputs through direct purchase.

After the elimination of the trust, the Council of Ministers determined a total of 500 million lempiras to buy the medicines.

“I personally voted against eliminating the trust, but it was decided to eliminate it,” Matheu said at the time.

The 500 million lempiras item was to acquire some 300 medicines, which would arrive in the nation at the end of September, according to the Health authorities.

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