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What is the continent and subject in home insurance?

What is the continent and subject in home insurance?

there is a home insurance It is necessary to be covered in the event of any accident, loss or unexpected event that may occur in a property. However, before contracting a policy, it is important to know the concepts of container and subject matter. It is necessary to calculate its value in order to know what capital should be covered, to avoid underinsurance. That’s why, Academy Insuranceand blog Made by consultants with more than 65 years of experience, it is responsible for providing information to clients on these technical aspects of companies.

What is the continent in home insurance?

To distinguish between the concepts of container and content in home insurance, a metaphor can be used. This indicates that when he goes around the house, everything that corresponds to the matter would fall, and that the continent would remain in place. That is, the latter term refers to the elements that make up the structure of the house. Included in this category are foundations, floors, walls and partitions, as well as ceilings, doors and windows. Likewise, the plumbing, paint and carpet, as well as the fixed water, sanitary, gas and electrical installations, conformed to this group.

If the number of square meters taken of the property has increased by €900, it is possible calculate the continent. In this way, you can know what capital is covered and avoid falling under insurance. For example, if a house of 100 square meters is built, the capital will be 90,000 euros of the continent.

How to calculate the contents of home insurance

The content of this contract refers to the furniture, appliances, clothes and valuables is inside the house and the capital will depend on its value. For this reason, no matter if the premium goes up, it is essential to insure these things to be calm in the face of any accident. Companies use general tables or formulas to calculate the content, leaving aside jewelry, pieces of art and other things that consumers need to add to their policy.

Those who want to achieve a home policy that suits their needs should look not only at these aspects, but also evaluate the service provided by companies, giving preference to those that offer personalized treatment.

To better understand the fine print of the contracts, the Seguros Academy publishes periodically updated topic of interest inform interested parties.

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