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Everything you need to know before installing a swimming pool on your terrace

Everything you need to know before installing a swimming pool on your terrace

The heat begins to squeeze around the territory. Many families have seen it clearly: tell us swimming pool on the terrace!

The platforms were the star space of this enclosure. Now there is a new way to exploit them, adding inflatable or removable pools. Their sales have skyrocketed in the past month. ButIs it safe to make this decision? does it involve any risk?

the weight of the water

Architects, technical architects and property managers warn in a press release the risks of installing swimming pools on terraces and roofs without technical criteria. They do it before the constant news about the increase in sales of these products and the resulting excess of inquiries these days.

water has weight Nothing frivolous. Our terraces and roof terraces are not expected to stand total weight which represents a large volume of liquid. The weight they can support depends on several factors:

Experts warn about the risks of installing swimming pools on terraces and roofs without technical criteria

The age of the house. The year of construction determines the regulations used for the structural calculation. Depending on the standard, the applied loads (actions) may vary slightly. But let’s not fool ourselves, this difference can only mean five or ten centimeters more in the height of the water in the pool.

The structural design. According to the design of the building, the structural elements are defined, their combination and the calculation of the estimated loads. In addition, certain safety coefficients are applied. Paradoxically, the worst case scenario does not always correspond to the logic of higher load. also influences how it is distributed. Add a pool it can destabilize the structure, disrupting it. It can even cause it to fall and fall.

The geographical location. The values ​​of the loads are not the same for a residential building on a site with a certain height where it often snows than seaside, for example. The type of soil and the environment also have an influence, determining the calculation and the structural design.

The type of space that is open to the outside. The roofs are not calculated the same either can proceed to public than those for private use, or cantilever terraces or balconies. The loads and their distribution vary, since they do not carry the same structure.

There are also movements of various origins that affect the structure. Other loads, oscillations, vibrations or due to expansion and contraction temperature changes also have an effectas well as the renovations carried out in the building or part of it and the state of the structure.

load calculations

The majority of inhabited dwellings in Spain were calculated under one of the following standards: NBE-AE 88 modified partly in 1988 to his predecessor, the MV-101/1962.Subsequently, the current standard was developed, the Technical Construction Code (CTE)whose Basic Document on Structural Safety was updated in 2009.

Among them there are no significant changes in overload usage, but there are variations. These loads would mean that the maximum height of the water in the pool would be between 10 and 20 centimeters at most. This is the same small swimming pool. without counting on the weight of the swimmers. If they are not children, they are an insignificant additional burden. Structural reinforcement solutions can be made for terraces or roofs, but they can cause some inconvenience.

Request a feasibility study

Design calculations aside, we must take into account other factors the age and life of the building. The type of environment has a decisive influence, the health of the structures, as well as the use and maintenance of the building.

Before making a decision, it is advisable to consult him your property manager know whether or not the installation affects the community and how. If there is no problem, you should seek expert advice.

Before making a decision, it is recommended to consult your property manager

They will study the feasibility of the timethey will issue their corresponding technical report and will be able to advise you on the best option for your home and the ideal place to locate it.

If you want a fixed or built-in pool, as well as assessing its feasibility and possible consequences for the community, you will need a licencewhich your city council will process according to the above and considering other applicable urban regulations.

Monitor the condition of the terrace

There are other dangers associated with the use of these pools on terraces and roofs. First of all, are they up to date? maintenance and cleaning? There are often sumps and pipes weak points. They must be clean and fully functional so that, at a given moment, they absorb any water that may overflow.

Damage to third parties can also have serious consequences

The general maintenance of these spaces can also be detrimental to accidental collection a large amount of water. Specifically, the condition of the floor, joints with adjacent walls and parapets, skirting boards and other sensitive points must be in good condition.

It could be any significant leaks or cracks. If flooding occurs due to a pool breach or uncontrolled emptying, the damage can also have serious consequences for third parties. And they may not be immediately visible or visible.

Consider getting insurance

It is convenient to consider the responsibilities. Depending on the type of platform or roofcertain decisions regarding its use and enjoyment may respond to the community of owners, since they affect common elements or spaces.

If you decide to put a swimming pool in your home, you should get home insurance

If you decide to put a swimming pool in your home, you should get home insurance, although it is not always mandatory. It is particularly advisable to cover civil liability towards third parties. In general, it is good practice against damages that may have been caused to others by our actions. Of course, this measure does not prevent the risk. It doesn’t cover other consequences either, as is sole responsibility of the installation owner.

Therefore, the installation of a swimming pool does not necessarily have to be damaged if, before its installation, those factors that could pose any danger to the building, swimmers or other people have been considered. By taking these precautions, everyone’s safety and health will be ensured.

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