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The Xunta announces aid for SMEs and the self-employed that combine direct aid and…

The Xunta announces aid for SMEs and the self-employed that combine direct aid and…

The main novelty of this line, open until September 30 and which is part of the Axenda Financeira 2022, is that, for the first time, it offers the possibility of jointly requesting direct aid and loans for the financing of projects –offering the option of request partially reimbursable credits–, in the search to promote the maintenance and creation of employment, innovation and the promotion of new business initiatives.

Aimed at the self-employed and small and medium-sized companies, the program foresees three main lines of action: one focused on business investment projects, another that attends to initiatives to improve the accommodation sector, and the last one that focuses, as the vice president economic, in facilitating specific investments for machinery.

Regarding the first line, the creation of new establishments, the expansion of the capacity of the existing ones, the diversification of their production and the changes in the global processes of the production itself will be promoted. With regard to the accommodation sector, support will be given to the creation of new hotel establishments, the expansion of the capacity of existing ones and their modernization. And in the field of productive equipment, the expansion of the capacity of an existing establishment and investments in capital goods will be facilitated. The implementation of these specific lines, as explained by Conde, will also be accompanied by greater administrative simplification to facilitate and speed up the processing of files.

The support of the Autonomous Administration, through the First Vice Presidency and the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Innovation, covers projects from 25,000 to 900,000 euros in the case of this third line, reaching 20% ​​in aid intensity in the case of medium-sized companies and up to 30% in small ones. For its part, for the first two lines, the amounts range between 50,000 and 900,000 euros, reaching 35% of investments in the case of small businesses, and 25% for medium-sized ones.

The great novelty will be when the aid applications have an eligible investment of more than 500,000 euros, since a partially reimbursable loan may be requested for its financing, the non-reimbursable tranche corresponding to the aid granted.

In this way, the Xunta intends to provide a coordinated response to the financial needs of SMEs, while facilitating aid and partially repayable loans to finance business investment projects. In fact, this call is part of the Axenda Financeira 2022 of Galicia with which the Galician Government plans to mobilize 400 million euros throughout the year to contribute to the economic reactivation and improvement of the competitiveness of the business fabric.

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