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5 Google programs you don’t know and should be using right now

5 Google programs you don’t know and should be using right now

Google is much more than a search engine. Although it was born as such, over the years it has entered a large number of sectors, mainly web services, although it is also present in hardware with the Pixel range and as a fiber operator with Google Fiber, although that, for now, only in the United States. In addition to the search engine, Gmail, Google Drive and Photos, Google offers other types of services to us that you probably don’t know.

Next, we show you services that Google offers today, but they are not so popular, but they are not worth trying.

Google People Finder

This Google platform is aimed at Find people where they happened natural disasters, humanitarian crises, major impacts of countries and others. Every time a phenomenon of this kind occurs, Google contacts humanitarian organizations and country governments to create a list of people whose whereabouts and status are known.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping It is a platform where we can find and buy all kinds of goods. It is simply an aggregator of products from different platforms that are listed and where the price and valuation of the products are shown so that we can compare which is the best offer available at that time.

Google Shopping

In addition, we can also access a tab of all products from which we can access all the offers available at that time. It covers most categories (home, decor, consumer electronics, computers, crafts, appliances and more).

Buy domains

Google is in the field of web domains and allows us to choose from more than 300 domain territories as well as offering 24 hour assistance. The prices that this service offers us are almost the same as we can find in similar companies, but with the comfort of being able to connect the domain to the web we can do it through another of the services that Google also provides us: Google Sites.

In addition, it also allows us to transfer domain management from other platforms. It is the cost for most domains 12 euros per year, although not all. The domains .tech, .live or .world are among the most expensive domains with a price of 38 euros per year.

Create your own website

Thanks to the platform Google sitescan create web pages of all kinds, just like Wix, but completely free and with a large number of functions. In addition, it includes a large number of templates designed for various uses, be it a resume, events, presentations, online help center and more.

Google sites

Integration with Google platforms such as YouTube, Google Maps, Google Docs and others is seamless, allowing us to It will allow you to create easily and very quickly any unpretentious web page, but more than enough for most users.

Create advertising campaigns

adwords it is the Google platform that provides anyone or a company to start advertising on google in a very simple way. All we have to do is create the ad with a headline and description, choose the keywords we want our ads to appear for and set the maximum price we want to pay for each time our ad is clicked.

Depending on the sector, the price of words can be more or less expensive. It allows us to adjust a weekly or monthly budget, the posting schedulesthe countries or regions where we want to display them, the age groups of the users to whom they will be displayed, and more.