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Reelection bells ring in the Capotillo sector

Reelection bells ring in the Capotillo sector

Santo Domingo, DR.

Inhabitants of the Capotillo sector, in the Capital, they shouted for the re-election of the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, this Sunday in a day of social inclusion carried out by the Presidency.

The activity was about providing services to community members such as food delivery, Supérate card, pensions for adults, medical operations, professional courses, recruitment of employees, loans for small businesses, among other services.

By necessity, four more years”, was the phrase that was shouted with great excitement by the community members of the aforementioned community, with the aim of expressing their wish that the current Government continue a new period.

The director of Strategies and Special Programs of the Presidency (Propeep), Neney Cabrera, also encouraged the president’s possible candidacy and maintained that he is willing to accept the decisions made by the party and accompany the president in a next election contest.

Community highlights value

Manuel Terrero, a community member from Capotillo, said that this sector of the capital had never been in better conditions, and also highlighted the work that the president has done in his two years in office.

“The first time that a president cares so much about us, the people of Capotillo wanted him to come so he could see how grateful we are to him,” said Terrero.

Also, the president of the Board of the Capotillo Neighborhood Union, Anthony Candelario, called for the president’s re-election and maintained that he has the votes of the capotilleros to the next elections in 2024.

“I know that with President Luis Abinader and you, Neney Cabrera, we are going to get out of the way, so four more years out of necessity,” said Candelario.

Hundreds of locals gathered at the Salomé Ureña Basic School to receive the services offered by more than 15 state institutions, from spaces where medical aid was provided to physical and monetary aid.

The institutions that provided help on the day were the Vocational schools of the Armed Forces and the National Police; National Health Insurance (Senasa); the National Health Service (SNS); Region IV (metropolitan area) of the Ministry of Public Health; the Overcome program; the National Council for Disability (Conadis); the National Council for the Aging (Conape); the National Institution for Early Childhood Care (Inaipi) and the Program for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Promipyme), among others.

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