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“Families did not recover, but survived”

“Families did not recover, but survived”

Sometimes, he has said, even though the unemployment benefit is still there, many continue to pay, but when it ends, or when assistance only comes, they have to decide between eating, meeting basic supplies or the mortgage . Are there many Cordovan families in this situation now?

Many Cordovan families are in this situation, when their unemployment subsidy ends and they start collecting assistance, they don’t get it until the end of the month. In recent years we have found many families who go directly to the subsidy, since they have not contributed enough money to be able to claim the benefit. The situation is getting much worse and the number of families in vulnerable situations is increasing.

The coronavirus pandemic means an important effort to help families. Are social entities prepared to deal with the expected downturn in the economic situation in the coming months?

Social entities like us are prepared, since we are continuously informing and training ourselves to deal with any social problem that may arise, because problems of any kind come to us. What we lack is more resources.

And the public administrations prepared?

The administrations are the ones with the resources, but they are not as close to the people and they always face a bureaucratic obstacle which further increases the problem of the families due to the delay they have to solve the help that is requested.

Cajasur recently admitted that non-performing loans may increase in the coming months. Do banks have the tools to avoid as many foreclosures as occurred in the last economic crisis?

Cajasur admitted that offenses will increase and we have been warning them for a long time. Since the last crisis until now, the tools allowed by the central government are getting worse and families have not managed to recover their economy, but they continue to live, and the alternatives are getting worse. On the banks’ side, there are no other options or help, since they are selling household mortgage debt to investment funds and it is much more difficult to negotiate with the funds. With the banking entities we could have a more direct contact for negotiations, because we were covered by the approved laws.

How does inflation affect households?

Inflation is affecting us and leaving thousands of families in dire straits, they have to cut back on everything: food, clothing, basic supplies, gasoline and leisure, which we are also entitled to, and, of course, the mortgage payment which affects her. thousands of families.

Beyond unemployment benefits, does the crucial minimum income reach those who need it?

The benefits are exhausted and the minimum income arrives crucially, but very late. Between the necessary documentation that must be provided and the delay in giving a positive or negative answer, it will be about six months. Families, during this time, become even more indebted and their vulnerability increases, and some achieve social exclusion.

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