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Deco modo Low cost

Deco modo Low cost

In low-cost decorating, the main elements are reused furniture, cheap things and details that make a difference. Restore to take advantage of the potential of your furniture, the order of the day is to apply techniques and tools that help to renew, recycle and reuse them. The reason is that we currently have many different options and the most varied materials to achieve that change and modernize what you have at home with techniques that are a trend in interior design. Today we will tell you what techniques are new these days so that you can participate in this low-cost way, where reuse, restoration and renovation of old furniture is the trend.

In low-cost decoration, the main elements are reused furniture, where you can apply different and innovative techniques. In low-cost decoration, the main elements are reused furniture, where you can apply different and innovative techniques.


When we talk about reupholstering, we talk about washing the face of some furniture such as chairs, chairs, cushions, armchairs, etc. It is the fabric that covers it to replace another one, it can be plain or printed. It will always be cheaper to repeat than to buy something new, not to mention the satisfaction of giving something we already have a new use. Regarding the types of textiles, natural fabrics are recommended because they are the best in texture, resistance and do not lose color. The advantage of them is that they are warm in the summer and cool in the winter. Synthetic and anti-stain fabrics are resistant to stains, wear and tear and are easy to clean. In the case of the latter, they are fabrics with special treatments that repel liquids and dirt.

The patina technique creates an antique effect on any wooden surface – Image Pinterest.jpg

harvesting wood

Pickled wood furniture is a very nice piece. The pickling technique is not complicated. The idea is to paint our furniture in any color and use sandpaper to “age” certain parts. Decapé involves removing the paint from a piece of furniture to reveal the lower layers, either the wood itself or an older color layer.

Chalk Paint or chalk paint

We have already talked in previous editions about the advantages of this type of paint. Chalk paint is still all the rage, thanks to the fact that it is much simpler to apply than traditional paints. It covers perfectly, both wood and plastic, even metal. Another feature of chalk paint is that the effect it leaves behind is velvety and can be achieved in many colors.

As a result of the pickling technique in pieces with a lot of charm – Image Pinterest.jpg

Washi tape

Washi tape or adhesive tape is a new technique, easy to use and functional, suitable for restoring old furniture easily and quickly. It can be decorated from doors to walls and of course furniture too. You can find a wide line of colors and prints. Update your old piece of furniture by filling it with lines of color.

Restore furniture with wallpaper

It offers a wide variety of decorative prints and motifs. To restore old furniture, you can line its drawers, door fronts or even its surface. Use a strong glue and product to fix it once it’s stuck. This way you can easily restore an old piece of furniture.

Wallpaper allows you to cover drawers, doors or the entire surface of the furniture – Image Pinterest.jpg

Con stencil

It seems that painting the furniture is the most chosen option when we think of renovation, however, it is not necessary to paint all the furniture, maybe with a little intervention, the secret to face it works perfectly. The stencils allow us to insert decorative motifs in another color or texture (textured materials), to personalize furniture, walls or any object.


The patina technique creates an antique effect on any wooden surface. Applying a patina to wooden furniture involves using wax, paint or other products to create a layer of finish that gives the piece an aged effect. Although it may seem contradictory, the result is a modern and current patination, since the furniture gets an original look and hides any imperfection.

BREED: Lic. Juliet Varroni

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