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The Rat’s Nest – Diario La Hora

The Rat’s Nest – Diario La Hora

The Rat’s Nest – Diario La Hora

The fateful nomination of the governor in an illegal assembly characterized bysocial-Christian correismo‘ is a turning point in the historical tragedies of the banking system in Ecuador. In the long run, fog off Biess accounts and a silent trick to unlock the key to the entrance dirty money to the financial system. No court order or recorded intervention of state counsel or other impediments served to avoid taking possession of a stranger Raul Gonzalez.

This dual-agency bankruptcy attorney and anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing expert, according to his resume, has to deal with everything from drug-trafficking laundromats, potential holidays, to how to audit and evaluate loan. unsecured and mortgage loans of the bank established by Correísmo (2009) with the largest outstanding debts to be collected from the state; the bank for members and retirees of IESS, which carries out activities for the benefit of even cooperatives and private banks.

But, What is the existence of the highest authority for the regulation of banks in the era of increased drug trafficking? Why are there signs of stagnation and crisis in author and financial supervision when the irregular actions of the inspector are condemned for not investigating the biggest millionaire fraud at the Police Insurance Agency? Is impunity for drugs in the majority of managers? Who are, say, the regulatory officials who manage the Isspol black funds at private universities? Is the extortionist drug policy not a rat’s nest; similar to the campaign spending that inflates the mayoral candidacy and the county with illegal money, without audit? And, another nest of vipers, negotiations and commissions for the use of “habeas corpus” in a network of mob lawyers and judges to free criminals and thieves?

Therefore, law is the scourge of every disaster because they breed incompetence: the proliferation of rodents and dirty money laundries. Seneca would say that when it changes or disappears, it is always time to spray a state, even a failed one. “What the law does not forbid, honesty can forbid”.

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