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Misiones subsidizes UVA loan debtors

Misiones subsidizes UVA loan debtors

Thursday, August 11, 2022 | 8:08 in the morning.

Yesterday, the provincial government launched the Now For UVA Mortgage program, a grant that will pay up to 60% of the loan increases from December 2021 to this month. A non-refundable contribution allows for up to 15,000 pesos per month. The compensation is aimed at the public about a thousand families who in Misiones had taken out loans with UVA units to access or complete their own home.

The money to be used for the subsidy, about 100 million pesos, comes from the provincial funds and basically it will be carried out for those who have their credits in Banco Macro. The option was also left open for more banks to allow provincial assistance for the debts of their missionary clients. The presentation ceremony was presided over by Governor Oscar Herrera Ahuad, who emphasized that the measure was made to protect many families who were at risk of losing their homes due to debt.

“We don’t want hard-pressed missionary families who think they could lose their homes because they can’t make loan payments,” the governor stressed, pointing to the urgency expressed by many missionaries in the district’s response. “Macro Bank was the first to participate in this proposal, although we hope that other financial players will also participate.” It doesn’t cost the banks anything, the funds are set up by the province, what we ask is that they make it easier for us to help those who have problems dealing with their credits”, he said separately.

In the presentation, they were sending the Governor of the Central Bank, Minister of Finance Adolfo Safran and the Managing Director of Macro Bank, Miguel Ayala.

“For this line that we are offering, the applicant cannot exceed a family income of 400,000 pesos,” he pointed out, explaining that the installment discount benefits will be valid from the current month until July 2023. It was explained that the percentage will vary. by bank. , where in the banks that have signed the Now program agreement with the province, their borrowers will receive a 60% concession (Banco Macro, and soon Credicoop and Nación). Although for the banks that have not yet signed the agreement, their borrowers will receive the 35% aid (the other banks that enter).

The process to get the benefits starts with uploading the data on the website designed for this purpose. It is recommended to have the account holder’s ID and CBU certificate handy as this information is requested in JPG format. When the data is complete, an email will be sent automatically stating that the application is in the evaluation process and then the Ministry of Finance will respond to an informed email if it has access to benefits.


The benefits of the program will be utilized as follows: 1) All applications submitted and accepted up to and including August 20, 2022 will be applied for installments due in August 2022.

2) Beginning August 21, 2022, fees will be applied for due in September 2022 for all applications submitted and accepted by September 5.

3) For the following months, all applications sent and approved before the 5th of each month will be transferred to installments that are due in the same month as the last day of the postponement date. Otherwise, an application will be made for the following month.

The benefit of the program will be deposited into the bank account (CBU) disclosed when the form is uploaded, which must be together with the mortgage loan. “It will be an absolute requirement for the beneficiaries of the scheme to have paid the quota achieved through the resumption of the measure, otherwise the provincial government will make the subsidy void from this month. immediately following the verification of its non-compliance,” they said from the Treasury.

The “Program” will be applied for the months between August 10, 2022 and July 31, 2023, when the province has decided which subjects are eligible to receive the grant and the amounts corresponding to each. The province will allocate about 100 million pesos to this program, as it is calculated.

They confirmed the Núkarfuna
Yesterday, the governor also confirmed the arrival of the Now Basket program for next week in consultation with the Ministry of Production. He said the operation of this new benefit works in part as a “compensation for the asymmetry that the district faces.” In the talk, it was explained that due to changes in the authorities at the national level, several steps have been delayed, but it has already been confirmed to start the program on Monday, August 15.

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