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MODO goes out to educate on electronic money / Tech Headlines

MODO goes out to educate on electronic money / Tech Headlines

WAYthe virtual wallet with the support of 40 public, private banks and cooperatives in Argentina, launched its educational campaign for users and companies throughout the country.

This initiative aims to explain Features and Benefits highlights and the most relevant differentiations offered by the application to collect and pay, among other distinctive features.

Federico BarallobreMODO’s marketing director explains in the following iProfessional interview the reasons and features of this campaign.

– Why did you decide to do this campaign?

-MODO was born with a purpose simplify the everyday use of money and reduce the use of cash and plastic cards. In this way, the educational campaign was designed to provide users and businesses with all the information about MODO, great experiences in using MODO, differentiations and ways to optimize the use of the app to simplify daily money management.

MODO is not another wallet, since it is integrated with more than 30 banks, and you can All QR payments are scannedtherefore the educational campaign aims to “educate” users and companies about these differentiators.

The most important thing about this campaign is that it is not MODO but a group of it influencers/ambassadors which tells the benefits and features of MODO in everyday situations, in a fresh and intuitive way, from the user’s point of view.

The campaign focused on influencers and actors.

It is the marketing challenge of today put yourself in the shoes of the users and tell the stories from their point of view, and we found that the way to do it was through an everyday situation experienced by influencers. That’s why we call it “stories your WAY.”

For companies and through technical tutorialsWe will develop audio-visual content with the step-by-step process of collecting, validating and canceling payments, providing them with a self-management basis for a good collection experience.

For users we created the miniseries «stories make your way“showing people how to use the app and get 100% out of it.

– What age segments of consumers is the campaign targeting?

– MODO works in an ecosystem with banks so that more and more people can simplify the management of their money. In particular, the aim of this campaign was to reach people who were looking for a simple comprehensive solution to work or who have already chosen MODO but are not yet aware of some of the major features of the application.

To this group, of course, is added the 500,000 companies in which MODO is already enabled as a payment option and new merchants interested in a more secure and convenient app.

– How did you choose the artists and influencers who participated in the campaign? For his reputation or for his dedication and actual use of the wallet?

– “Pollo” Álvarez, brand ambassador, participates in the campaign, together with other artists and influencers such as Paul GranadosLeticia Siciliani, Florencia Bertotti and Felicitas Pizarro, showing that MODO is in the most important everyday moments to simplify money management: when you have to share a bill with friends, pay for business, send money to a family member and much more.

Through these personalities, we wanted users to feel identified with each case. The artists were chosen for their ability to convey the benefits of MODO in a fresh and simple way. Its clarity, humor and profile were very important to ensure a story close to users.

The campaign is about specific messages.

The campaign is about specific messages.

– What results have you had so far?

-MODE is more than 8 million usersit is enabled in 500,000 businesses across the country, and those numbers grow exponentially thanks to our product but also to these initiatives that we contact users and businesses to tell them more about the solution that MODO means.

– What obstacles do you notice for this cultural change regarding the use of electronic money, in consumers and in companies? Are they technological, cultural, economic, legal?

-According to a study we conducted with consulting firm Provokers, the most frequently cited obstacles to digital wallets are related to not having enough promotionafter recharging in operations to pay for apps in some stores, fear that the phone will be stolen or you will have difficulties when attention is requested to solve problems, among other points.

With MODO, they have theirs banking products in one placethey can send and receive money without the need for aliases or CBUs and, of course, pay by QR code in physical stores and e-commerce.

And that’s not all! They have the advantages that the platform provides and, in turn, can take advantage of the banking promotions which is cumulative.

Also, users do not need to upload bank card details to MODO before each purchase and the app access barriers to protect user information, be a simple and secure solution.

Federico Barallobre.

Federico Barallobre.

Regarding the service, MODO representatives can be contacted through the application itself, the web, the WhatsApp bot and/or the wallet’s social networks.

In this way, MODO seeks to improve the payment experience for both users and merchants, offering them safety, practicality and comfort.

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