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COMPANY / Merz Aesthetics, an aesthetic medicine company in the Metaverse

COMPANY / Merz Aesthetics, an aesthetic medicine company in the Metaverse

Merz Aesthetics, an aesthetic medicine company in the Metaverse

From September 5 to 7, Merz Aesthetics will hold its next cycle meeting in the Metaverse, where it will share its strategic plan for the new fiscal year and its employees will be able to access a personalized avatar and interact with their colleagues and him the fun environment prepared for him. ?

If the VUCA environment has demonstrated anything in recent years, it is that adaptation to new technologies and digital channels is fundamental. The pandemic has accelerated digitization in companies, and hybrid work models are a consolidated reality in organizations that seek new levels of interaction and commitment. Merz Aesthetics, always at the forefront of innovation in the aesthetic medicine sector, makes the leap into the Metaverse.

? What is the Metaverse really about and what are the benefits?

The Metaverse is no space reserved only for techies and gamers. It is an immersive virtual environment that represents the next evolution of the internet. One of its main advantages is its ability to bring people together in a much more immersive way, facilitating human interaction and engagement with the virtual world. Employees will be able to attend a virtual office, enter meeting rooms and present projects, have brainstorming sessions or have coffee with colleagues.?

Merz Aesthetics explores the possibilities of the Metaverse

“In line with Merz Aesthetics’ commitment to innovation, and given the growth in value of the digital health market, we explore new trends and emerging technologies, including the Metaverse, and how apply them in the health industry. -being”, says Marta Calderón, Director of Innovation at Merz Aesthetics.?

“Like any new idea, it still seems to be an overly general concept, but at Merz Aesthetics we are sure that the incorporation of new technologies into the working environment will help us continue to innovate and stay at the forefront of the sector”, concludes Gema Mancha, Senior Director Merz Aesthetics Spain and Portugal.?

In this way, Merz Aesthetics consolidates its position among the leading companies in innovation and digital transformation in the aesthetic medicine sector, being one of the first aesthetic laboratories to settle in the Metaverse.