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“The man next to him had an angel, I don’t understand how he survived,” Elizari said.

“The man next to him had an angel, I don’t understand how he survived,” Elizari said.

In this line, Elizari said they were “convened as an Aid Commission. I was going to dinner with my family. We came back, the office was done and the emergency was taken. We knew the situation in which we were to find ourselves. The dog is the first to come in, so that there is no contamination with other odors “.

“Many of us did not know the path and went into the mountain, but the snow was very deep. Due to the urgency of the case, we wanted to get there as quickly as possible. Tango traveled many meters, “he continued.

Regarding the task performed by the dog, the rescue firefighter explained that “he is jogging and hitting the entire area until he finds the odor particles. There is no smell of snow, so it is much easier for him. We do not pollute the area, so it can get the strongest smell. When he finds something, Tango goes into the bark and digs the snow. If there is danger, it only makes the bark and smells. “

When asked about Tango training, Elizari said so “He’s 10 years old, he’s been preparing for 9 years. It’s a daily job. Thanks to my colleagues, family and friends. They have to play victims, they hide and they don’t have to move. that the dog must Search. It does everything for play. He knows if he finds someone, we will play with his favorite ball. When training a dog, we want to speed up the instinct with games. “

“His fun is to meet and play with him. I go out every other day with him, morning, evening or night. We make it as real as possible. With the companions we go out any day, whether it’s raining or snowing. It has to work in as real a context as possible. “

He also said that he’s been called Tango “since he was 2 months old. He’s a loyal companion on adventures. He’s my first dog, now I have another one I want to train for a specific track. The Central Fire Department has dogs as well as Civil Defense. Rio Grande is also preparing. “

Regarding Tango’s experience in rescues, Elizari said that “he was involved in many operations. Some of them did well and some were not so great, because recovery was necessary. We have been summoned to Córdoba, San Julián, Río Gallegos, Ezeiza and others “.

As for the task they perform, the firefighter clarified that they, along with Tango, are “a link in the entire life chain. Everyone is important. From the field of communication to those who help us dress. We all need to work in coordination to bring good results. Today was Tango’s turn, but other colleagues also work hard ”.

Finally, Elizari urged the population to take the necessary precautions when going out on the field and stressed that they always ask “those who go out to carry security equipment. That they use the mobile phone for emergency calls and that they use a camera to take photos. It is very important that they have a battery, because of the device in which we find them. It’s also important that they call Civil Defense so that they leave their details when they leave and give notice when they return ”

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