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Mapfre signs a new five-year wage agreement for its 10,000 employees in Spain

Mapfre signs a new five-year wage agreement for its 10,000 employees in Spain

The Mapfre group and CC.OO. and UGT have on Tuesday signed a new wage agreement for the next five years, which will affect 16 companies and more than 10,000 employees in Spain.

As reported by CC.OO. In a statement, the new agreement reduces the annual calculation by eight hours, includes free health insurance, increases bonuses for work and extends leave and social benefits for employees, such as pension plans and personal loans.

The agreement enters into force 20 days after its publication in

Official Gazette (BOE), so the changes will not be immediate and some of the new features will take effect from January 1, 2023.

CC.OO. has acknowledged that negotiations on the agreement took place in a “not-so-easy” scenario, after emerging from the crown virus and facing the uncertainty posed by the war in Ukraine and rising inflation, and has recalled that at present, Thousands of Spanish workers have suspended their contracts and their salaries have been frozen for more than two years.

The union’s challenge, he explained, was to improve the agreement “which is already very good”, as well as to “seek stability in an unstable environment”. “The agreement has not reduced rights at any point in time and has developed significantly in two groups as it was strategic for CC.OO. to improve: 24-hour comprehensive service and online offices, “he said.

CC.OO. has expressed “great satisfaction” with the agreement reached, carried out its work and fulfilled its obligations to Mapfre’s staff.

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