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Mauricio Sulaiman believes Tyson Fury will return to …

Mauricio Sulaiman believes Tyson Fury will return to …

Mauricio SulaimanPresident CMBhe said thinking Tyson Fury He will return to the ring even though he has repeatedly stated that he is quitting.

I think Fury will continue“, Said the managing director in an interview with the television station Youtube, ESNEWS. “I’ll have to talk to him soon but I’m sure he’s coming back. Maybe it’s against the winner (Alexander) Mustache y (Anthony) Joshuabut we see. That’s what most people want“.

On April 23, the British boxer won in his second defense in the heavyweight belt CMB a Dillian Whyte with a knockout in the sixth round before more than 80 thousand people were in Wembley Stadium.

Before and after the conflict, Anger He claimed that this was his last fight as a boxing professional, but different boxing characters believe that he will return to the ring.

According to various reports, this week the battle is a rematch between Mustache y Joshua to hold on to Saudi Arabia in August.

And according to other reports, Saudi Arabia is interested in the winner in the conflict Anger for the merging of the total plots. Never the less, Tyson He denied this information and demanded that he retire.

Tyson Fury and his retirement
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Mauricio Sulaiman and Tyson Fury talk about Crawford-Spence

The overweight unity struggle between Terence Crawford y Errol Spence is in talks to carry out the conflict in October.

The President CMB He said he hoped that everything would be in place to carry out the competition that has been long awaited for several years.

“The battle between Crawford y Spence It has to happen, “he said. “Managers need to understand what everyone wants to see today. It would be like the big raisin in the sausage end of this golden age of boxing. “

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