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Suburban drug war: two traffickers killed two traffickers in a house where they shared drugs

Suburban drug war: two traffickers killed two traffickers in a house where they shared drugs

Residents of the El Zaizar neighborhood in Esteban Echeverría heard the blast and alerted the emergency number 911. When Buenos Aires police reached the door of the house in San Marcos at 400 they found a parked car. Inside the vehicle, the bodies of two men with several bullets.

On the side of the car, police found a trail of blood. The troops followed the blood to the house. When the house was broken into, police found it 184 packs of marijuana, cocaine and base-paste divided and ready for distribution.

The discovery of such drugs supported the hypothesis that this house functioned as a narcotic “guard house” in which a fraction of marijuana and cocaine were seized and distributed in the various retail outlets.

The scene ended with a large volume of blood and the serving of pods that remained after the shots. From the presence of these elements, the detectives discovered that the police were at the scene of the double homicide.

The cocaine coatings, prepared for sale, also contained blood. The investigators’ hypothesis is that the gunmen surprised the traffickers when they distributed the drug, shot them and then tried to remove the bodies from the scene of the double homicide.but because the police responded quickly to the alert for the 911 emergency number they changed their plans.

The assassins fled without taking the bodies and, moreover, abandoned the drug. By weighing the marijuana packages found by the police at the scene of the crime, the investigators found that The killers dumped a shipment of 198 kilograms of drugs, worth almost $ 200,000.

At the scene of the double murder, police also found a significant number of weapons, precision scales weighing the doses that would go to the bunkers and retail stalls.

Although the investigators established the identity of the victims, the persons responsible for the investigation decided to keep the names of the two trafficked traffickers secret in order to move forward with the possibility of arresting the owners of the drug shipment and potential intellectual authors. fixed. of scores. .

This double murder was a new link in a chain of murders that is part of a war between various drug gangs fighting to take control of drug trafficking in the suburbs. One week ago, two more murders took place in the neighborhood of 9 de Julio, in San Martín, the alleged cause of which was confrontation between the groups led by Miguel Angel “Mameluco” Villalba y Max Ali Alegre, alias “Alicho”.

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