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Poultry farmers should receive at least 0.55 to 0.60 euros per chicken collected

Poultry farmers should receive at least 0.55 to 0.60 euros per chicken collected

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Poultry farmers should receive at least 0.55 to 0.60 euros per chicken collected

June 16, 2022


SPAIN – LA UNIÓ de Llauradors in Ramaders denies that the current chicken price skyrockets about 164% from the time it leaves the farm until it reaches the shelves in shops and supermarkets, although production costs for producers do not increase and they do not get these. that increase, according to a study prepared by the agrarian organization.

The average chicken price on the farm stands at € 1.25 / kg on average, leading to € 2.40 / kg at the processing plant, € 2.65 / kg in distribution and € 3.20 / kg in supermarkets and specialist shops, although the price is even higher in some. The problem is that producers barely get 0.45 euros per chicken raised from the first amount.

Poultry farmers in the Valencian Community are at the border, completely suffocated, due to the increase in production costs. Most are in the cohesion regime and have to deal with a series of essential costs such as electricity, gas or fuel, which have doubled in price in recent months, reports agronomy.

Electricity accounts for more than 75% of variable operating costs and the cost of propane gas has increased by more than 60%. Insurance has also increased.

The rise in food prices observed in recent weeks, including chicken, is therefore not being transferred to farmers. Because of this situation, poultry farmers should not charge less than 0.55 to 0.60 euros per chicken collected, with an average of currently around 0.45 euros.

UNIO LA Secretary General Carles Peris points out that “this situation is completely unacceptable for farmers producing at appalling costs and, unless solutions such as direct aid are proposed, within the sectors most affected. the crisis, many will be forced to close their farms ”.

Carles Peris points out that the Food Chain Law also fails for the poultry sector, “because its principle is never complied with that every link in the agri-food chain must cover its production costs and prices are not fixed from origin to destiny. . it should be logical, but the other way around ”.

“What happens in the poultry sector happens in many other products. The situation of low producer profitability is due to the fact that the large distribution chains do not want to pay much more and put pressure on the integrated companies that do the same to us in the future ”, concludes Carles Peris.

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