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Manejo seguro de sustancias peligrosas – Escambray

Manejo seguro de sustancias peligrosas – Escambray

Bæjarstjórinn José Ramón Cañizares Moya, public guardian of prevention from the Cuerpo de Bomberos de Sancti Spíritus, advised on the rigor that demands the manipulation of these substances

Capacitate constantly to the population to avoid accidents and our premise, said Mayor José Ramón Cañizares Moya. (Photo: Vicente Brito / Escambray)

In the last few months he has produced in some fatal countries, the majority motivated by violations of norms in the maneuver with gases and pesticides that are used indistinguishably by the population in the food cocoon, as the processed gas, and by some industry.

Given the opportunity of the theme, Escambray Interview with José Ramón Cañizares Moya, Chief Special Officer of Cuerpo de Bomberos in Sancti Spirits Province, with the end of abundant prevention for evitar estos hechos.

Borgarstjóri, what types of dangerous substances exist in the province of Sancti Spíritus?

The peligrosas substances that Mayor incidencia tienen los tecnológicos process major economic entities in this territory of its ammonia, chloro, sulfuric acid, ammonium nitrate, tetraetilo de lead, and los industrial gases.

How to realize special officials for accidents due to accidents?

The officers of our specialty are known in all the municipalities of the province and as part of our content of our work we will tax the security policy in the chemical objectives and contribute to the preparation of the media work. The requirements for this type of industry work under secure conditions. These are extreme actions for actions performed on a person.

The first thing we need is the certification of technological systems: aftan við seguridad lokurnar, frá los manometers que miden presión, hitastig; that all this function has conditions strictly certified by the existing entities in the country. For example, Agencia de Protección Contra Incendios is one of its specialized bodies that examines related technical equipment with the peligrosas materials and issues medidas de obligatorio cumplimiento. Detection of its incumplimiento will automatically cause paralysis of the production process, quickly restoring the criteria seguridad respaldadas, incluso, por leyes, decretos leyes, decretos,…

Another of the requirements for the official prevention of the Cuerpo de Bomberos in addition to the views on the economic aspects of “Q” is the existence of a means of protection for the workers working directly in the areas of work, and the preparation that civil defense systems provide. ráðstafanir fyrir esas industrias, a los trabajadores ya la circcondande, respecto a cómo deben actuar en casos de escapes de esas chímancas. Pongamos sýnishorn: ef ammoníaksflótti á ster í Frigorífico de Sancti Spíritus, þá er sírena verksmiðjunnar strað virkjuð, trabajadores parte de los trabadadores a director la evacuación de las familien hacia ambos lados transosmente respecto del com mir direcci to the colloquial velvet in the tech of the edification.

Above the opinion of the bombers’ body, which deals with the technology of the first world to enforce the Industrial Avenues with chemical substances, immediately our firefighters specialize in firearms, endowed with the drugs and the Adequate Protection Medium. As ammonia as chlorine, the son of the substances that actin the respirators of the persons synd verndun og asfixian, in addition to producing serious burns that can cause severe burns.

For what reason is there no mention of the dangerous liquefied gases?

Sustainable substances are their chemicals, by which they are called “Q” targets in industries that use them in their productive processes. The liquefied gas is not a pesticide, it is found in pellets when we do not manage this type of fire, which is used in the food cocoon, both by the population as by some institutions. In the city of Sancti Spíritus, massive viviendas gasification is used, which supports the qualitative cooking of food. What is required to avoid accidents, securely complete the standard technical standards in the use of this innlent eldsneyti.

What violations result in are potentially dangerous, employing gas transit between unauthorized persons and idiotic media. Any person who knows of these violations should report to him at 105 Cuerpo de Bomberos. Between recommendations for the proper use of this fuel, it is best to place the bale in a ventilated area, preferably with a moderate respect for cooking, and when cooking food is complete, choose a balita valve. Y, if gas escapes, neither electric interruptors nor phosphorus rallies will act. In these cases the medium is located the layers of the kitchen and the valve of the gas deposit as well as the ventilation of the dwelling, until the gas of the ambient is dissipated.

What actions are considered unavoidable to avoid accidents with dangerous substances?

The first is the strict complication of the regulations established by the specialized institutions for the use of the measures. It is important to deal with what you need to offer, washing machines, gas fillers, before starting work, to prevent accidents that are productive. 80 years from accidents due to natural problems is an incentive for planning problems. Necessary to advertise: compressed gases, digase gas, oxygen or acetileno, no tener bond with grasses, lubricants and combustibles, porque automatically provokes an explosion. Otherwise, the gases are the most powerful that the air and when an escape is framleiddur, are concentrated in the vacant spaces with living quarters, on the lower side, always lower to a subway, for that reason the smell is always perceptible .

The disciplinary technology of workers and the public is the key to avoiding accidents with gases and other harmful substances.

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