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Organic Nails revolutionized the nail sector in Colombia – Sponsored Content

Organic Nails revolutionized the nail sector in Colombia – Sponsored Content

Education has the ability to transform people’s quality of life and the direction of an entire society, and in this sense, today there are companies that have dedicated themselves to providing knowledge and promoting those who are interested in acquiring it. Example of this is Organic Nails, a Mexican company that has “stolen” the hearts of Colombians and that, thanks to its 25 years of experience in the industry of care and beautification of hands and feet, is a pioneer and leader in the nail market. Currently, it has a presence in more than 18 countries, with Colombia being the second most important country for the brand globally.

Organic Nails is a company of Mexican origin that focuses on the distribution of professional nail products, specifically in three application systems: semi-permanent enamel, acrylics and Techgel”, says Nathaly Guerrero, educational director of Organic Nails Colombia, adding that “it is also a brand that is committed to training manicurists at all levels, from basic to intermediate and advanced.”

Leveraging opportunities

Organic Nails is a company made up of an expert team in identifying market opportunities and potentiating them in order to get the most out of them. Through a vision of growth and willingness to innovate and provide an improvement in the use and experience of a trade such as manicure, it has managed to change the lives of 450,000 people who have been trained throughout the eight years of experience that the company has. brand in the country and who have always dreamed of entering the world of beauty, especially nails.

“The fundamental pillar for Organic Nails is training and contributing to the growth of students, technicians and instructors through the Training Center Organic Nails (BCC). This space was designed to train all those people, men or women, who wish to learn about nail application, from housewives, students, people who do it as a hobby, professionals in other sectors and/or manicurists, with intelligent and strategic programs that adapt to different profiles”, continues Guerrero.

Organic Nails

In line with the above, Organic Nails It started with a training room and today it has more than 67 technical rooms and 107 points of sale in the national territory, which has allowed it not only to sell its products, but also to provide high-quality training.

“When people buy an individual product or a basic kit from us, they have the right to access training to learn, at no cost, how to use or manipulate the purchased product according to the technique; remember that there is a basic, intermediate and advanced level. On the other hand, we have alliances with formal beauty academies so that their students can enter our training and an online system to reach places where we are not present,” explains Guerrero, adding that “in addition to knowledge, we have tried to focus in extolling the talent and scope of each of the people who have decided to enter the world of nails. Additionally, we have a kind of job bank that we work with our Professionalization program Organic Nailsin which we host the database of those who have trained with us and we provide it to the different owners of hair salons and spas”.

Making a difference in the beauty sector

Willing to make a difference in quality, training and innovation, Organic Nails also makes the Professionalization program available to its clients Organic Nailsan intensive three-week scheme that can be applied for by people who have already been trained in basic levels of semi-permanent enamel, acrylics and Techgel.

Organic Nails

“During this training program, we lend them all the material they need, we evaluate them according to our criteria and we grant them, if they met all the qualifications, a certificate of participation stating that they are expert applicators of the brand. This program has had a lot of impact, we have expanded it in almost all the cities and municipalities of the country” points out Guerrero.

In the midst of that context, Organic Nails It is also committed to social impact, providing people of any socioeconomic level with an opportunity for entrepreneurship and great benefits for the personal and professional development of their lives.

“Thanks to our business model, people have seen the opportunity to be strategic partners for entrepreneurship. Right now we are looking for social projects and trying to unite with the District Secretariat for Women to support mothers who are heads of households or people with disabilities, who see an opportunity in this business,” concludes Guerrero.

For more information find them on Facebook as @organicnailscolombiafans and on Instagram and TikTok as @Organicnailsco

Organic Nails

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