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The next generation could spend 10 years in the Metaverse

The next generation could spend 10 years in the Metaverse

The United Kingdom Institute of Engineering and Electronics (IET) showed that in its report “Safeguarding the Metaverse”, teenagers and future adults could spend up to 2 hours and 45 minutes a day in the new Meta invention. That is, as they warn, this platform that implies that virtual reality will be used to generate “common spaces” between friends, strangers and even practice sports, will be in many homes of the deep.

According to Facebook founder (now Meta) founder Mark Zuckerberg himself, by 2030 about a billion people will be using the Metaverse for their daily activities, especially work meetings (Avatars allow you to make and express gestures with your hands), as well as recreational activities and many other things.

Is that according to the experts, this new feature of the social networking series that includes Meta today, becomes a kind of “Second Life”, the famous game from the beginning of the millennium in which people created a virtual alter ego and then immersed. in a parallel world where they have created stories, businesses and much more.

In this context, the EIT points out that this new social network will need more and more support, especially from programmers and data engineers who will have to carry out maintenance tasks, provide data for decision – making, and among many other obligations. It turns out that for volume of data to be produced Because this type of mass-use application is not enough, basic software or a small team of people.

Towards a new horizon

From the British institute they also pointed out that giants such as Google and Microsoft are considering investing heavily in this system, as they believe that a good share of current users of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp networks could be in Metaverse. This also suggests that there are significant challenges, both in terms of generating the infrastructure that this company can sustain, as well as a huge team of people supporting it.

Of course, this will imply that data scientists will need to be able to handle all the information that comes out as metadata from this new social network, which is why many people are looking for it. learn data science through an online course to participate in this new labor trend, which is currently creating a large number of jobs, as well as well – above – average wages.

One of the great advantages, which many people are embracing in programming learning or data science, is that in most cases it is remote work, one of the most popular features of the younger generations, but also by adults now. Being able to make money from the comfort of home is one of the aspirations that started from the pandemic and is likely to continue to do so in the future.

Eventually most of the jobs will be done remotely, but right now it seems to be one of those little gems in the workplace that more and more people are looking for. Another great advantage of these data science jobs is that most salaries are in dollars, which is generally an advantage for many Mexicans.