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Mar del Plata: The first oil exploration well is expected to be drilled in March – Nacionales | NewsNQN

Mar del Plata: The first oil exploration well is expected to be drilled in March – Nacionales | NewsNQN

Mar del Plata: They expect to make their first oil exploration well in March

The Nation’s Secretary of Energy, Darío Martínez, announced last Tuesday that the Government expects the first oil exploration well to be built in March in the basin located in front of the Mar del Plata.

When an agreement was signed in the city with the General Labor Confederation (GCC) and the Argentine Oil and Gas Institute (IAPG) to train Mar del Plata workers, the official assured, according to a previous study, “that There’s a lot of oil in that area. ”.

Martínez stated that on-the-spot training will begin to train workers “to develop a very important strategic activity for Argentina,” which will imply “before and after the region and the city.”

The agreement was signed in the Employees’ Union with the presence of the host, Guillermo Bianchi; local CGT general secretary Miguel Guglielmotti and IAPG president Ernesto López Anadón.

The hydrocarbon activity, the national official clarified, “Can be complemented” by tourism “without impact on the environment.” He gave an example of what is happening in other cities in Argentina, such as Tierra del Fuego, and Brazil. There is “a production that exceeds two million barrels per day, but anyone who goes to Búzios, to Rio (de Janeiro), where the terraces are, and will see that the beaches are full too,” he stressed.

“There is integration, a great circle of activity enhancement. And I think we can catch the same thing in Mar del Plata ”, he said. He also ruled out the potential for beach contamination and argued: “The activity can be carried out with the greatest possible controls without disrupting the rest of the activities, but complete. Here it is not fishing or tourism against offshore hydrocarbon development. It’s the other way around ”.

Martínez asserted that oil exploration will add “formal, well – paid jobs” to the region. “I’m from Neuquén and I’m from an influential region,” he said.

The secretary foresaw a “better future for Mar del Plata” and recalled that, in December 2020, President Alberto Fernández and Vice-President Cristina Fernández established, within the requirements of the Gas Plan. energy guarantee national integration by the Council. local and regional. “It simply came to our notice then. All investment programs need to be better integrated in that order: first local, until we have full employment, then regional and then national, only to be able to borrow what we do not do here, ”he explained he.


Martinez stressed more than 300 kilometers out to sea where the hydrocarbon activity takes place and stated: “Between the coast of the Federal Capital and the coast of the Colony there are 52 kilometers and Uruguay is barely visible.” So in the case of Mar del Plata “nothing is fully visible.”

Anyway, the nearest port is Mar del Plata. “Therefore, the potential of Mar del Plata for the development of this infrastructure here is very important,” he said.

The official stressed that before the start of the action, “all processes” must be completed, including highlighting the public hearing to be held on Monday 30 in the Judicial Council and the one that will take place. followed by the first. exploratory well.

“It simply came to our notice then. We want to drill that first exploratory well in March, where it will be white on black: whether there is oil or not. For all the previous studies, we believe that there are, and there are many ”, he was excited.

As for the precautionary measure that stopped seismic exploration, Martínez called for Justice to act. “I have great respect,” he said, but considered that the judge has decided “not to have the necessary information.”

In any case, he pointed out that the exploratory well can be made “regardless of the ongoing discussions in the Department of Justice on seismic justice.”

Message to the mayor

Martínez said he does not know in Neuquén “mayors who oppose the development of Vaca Muerta”, but that it is “the other way around”. “It’s about the Industrial Park that sets the companies in motion. I can’t imagine a mayor who is opposed to a development that will bring work, possibilities, a future for the people of Mar del Plata ”, he slipped.

The secretary recalled that “the community chief executive did not participate” in the seismic reconnaissance hearings. “If I was interested, I would be involved and I would be notified,” he sent. But he immediately clarified: “I think he’s getting involved now and he’s informed. If it is about the wishes of its neighborhood, I think it will defend (and represent) the activity ”.

Apart from his clear defense of the project, Martínez suggested that the national government may have initially mishandled the information. “If we may need to improve, we will improve; If more information is needed, we will provide all the necessary information, ”he said.

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