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Jake Daniels, delantero del Blackpool, declared that he was gay: “He odiado mentir toda mi vida”

Jake Daniels, delantero del Blackpool, declared that he was gay: “He odiado mentir toda mi vida”

Jake DanielsFootball player Blackpool which encouraged Championship (second division of England), is the second player, in activity, in declaring homosexuality inn United Kingdom and the first in Europe.

The club posted on Twitter: “A lie from Jake Daniels“. A 17-year-old teenager, wrote on one widespread type of description of being in the throes of prevailing emotions and what vivio to do to make the announcement.

He odiado lie toda mi vida y to find the need to cambiar para encajar. Quiero will be a role model for seguir al hacer esto. Ser tú y ser feliz es lo más important “, tjáði kortið. También said that fue important el apoyo de sus compañeros:”My teammates have a great response, all of them support me. He has many questions, he has been very interested and his reaction has been fantastic. Es lo betra en podria haber deseado“.

One of the taboo topics around football is homosexuality. Muy pocos lo reconocieron y cuando lo hicieron la pasaron mal. For example, in 1990, el delantero justin fashanu. Tenía una beloftedora carrera: jugó en Norwich there Nottingham Forest (at the best time of the club) y was summoned for the British selection. The attack is recorded in the diary The sun and the title of the note is: “£ 1m football star: I AM “GAY”1 million book football star: SOY GAY “).

Unfortunately, in 1998 committed suicide, by all means hosted and received. In honor of the 19th of February (la fecha de nacimiento de Fashanu), celebratingWorld Cup against Homophobia in Football“.

Hace unes messes Josh Cavalloin Australia, Fue el primer futbolista, en actividad, en anunciar su homosexualidad. “I’m a football player and I’m gay”, dijo. Cavallo was one of the inspirations for Daniels.

All map by Jake Daniels

Now is the right time to do it. If this is a list to tell you about my story. I wish the people knew me better.

It’s a lot of time thinking about how to do it, when to do it. If so now is the time. This list is for you to be free, to be free and to have confidence and everything.

Actually no big deal, but it’s probably gay. There are many things that are vivo con la mentira.

It’s actually not in circles that football and being gay do not mean. Solo piensas, un día, Cuando Sea Mayor tender una new y cambiaré y todo estará bien.

But you’re not going to do what you want. No function asi.

The latest times are heterosexual, to be involved in being heterosexual at times, but you are single and big. I choose the person included to ask me: “Are you sure you are not gay?”. Y yo replied, “no, no lo soy”.

Engin estaba listo y fue una lucha, en bara keng quiero mentir más.

During this time I kept trying to take care of myself, and now he’s a professional footballer. I was asked if I should wait until I retire for sale. No other player in the professional game is here to stay.

Sin embargo, sabía que eso me llevaría a mentir Durante mucho tiempo y no poder ser yo mismo ni llevar la vida que quiero.

Since the armory is with my family, my club and my teammates, it’s a time to think about it and all the stress it creates. It’s affecting my mental health. Now it’s safe and happy to see you finally.

First of all, my mother and her husband, with their living quarters. “Sí, ya lo sabíamos”, fue como reactionaron.

Luego se lo dijimos a toda mi famili y en at this moment staba stustante asustado porque sabía comem reactionaria la generation aterior.

Engin debí haberme preocupado. He has received so many messages, “We are sorry and we are sorry”. Ha sido asombroso. Engin podria haber deseado que fuera betra.

The day after that my mother-in-law and my husband, we play against Accrington [en un partido de juveniles] y benti cuatro goles, por lo que solo show cuanto peso me quité de los hombros y qué gran alivio fue.

Blackpool is incredible. I was with them all the days and I felt safe. My teammates accompany me and support me. He was making a lot of questions, he was all curious and his reactions were brilliant. It’s better than being able to pedido.

Fyrir ofan, allt estaban un poco sorprendidos de alguna manera y preguntaban por qué no les dije antes. It was a big reaction because a demonstration by some people brought them in.

The captain was one of the main characters and the ones who also had a lot of questions about me. The last solo: “Estoy tan orgulloso de ti”. Which means mucho.

I like it when people have questions. Solo quiero sacarlo todo y que la gente escuche mi historia.

It has a very nice place. Tengo 17 years old. He made a professional contract. He scored 30 goals this season and first made his debut with the first team in the Championship, beating the bench before the Peterborough.

Ya ahora he decided to dirty del armario.

Okay, though it fits well. When I start this time, I just want to try it on myself as a player. Creo que tengo. As if this was the ultimate thing in my closet that I knew I had to do. Ahora está fuera, y la gente lo sabe. Now can I live to see what I want and know what? Ha sido amazing.

The theme of being gay, bio or queer in masculine football is becoming a taboo. I believe that everything is reduced to what many footballers want to know about their masculinity. And the guy is gay as a fool, so because you can molest him on the football field.

Supuesto, be aware that you have a reaction to this and part of it will be gay hatred, you will be in the stadium and in socializing.

It’s an easy thing to do. The form in which I live is that I am playing football and I have gritty things, but I am paying to play football and live my life and win money with it. If you like what you want, you will not make the difference.

Engin insists that the people have these things, only need to learn and not have to worry about them.

Hope you are dirty, you are also dirty, to help you be dirty if you want. Solo Tengo 17 años, en þó er þetta claro que esto que quiero hacer y si, al salir del armario, otras personas me miran y sinten que tal vez ellos también pueden hacerlo, sería snilld.

If you’re not good enough, that’s fine.

I hear that the person is in the same situation as you. Creo that if a dirty footballer in the Premier League, series amazing. Siento que habría hecho mi trabajo e inspired a alguien más a hacerlo. Only I want to see from here. Enginn deberíamos estar donde estamos ahora.

If each place is different and there are many different factors that other people need to consider and that will help a lot, especially in football.

And if there is a list that is open to the public. If it is difficult to do so, then it is difficult for me, but only with the people who are most likely to come, if necessary, the support that is needed.

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