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Balenciaga announced a new broken tennis model and the nets are overflowing with memes | entertainment pop culture

Balenciaga announced a new broken tennis model and the nets are overflowing with memes | entertainment pop culture

The Balenciaga brand was born in 1937 and over the years has become a symbol of elegance and high fashion.

Many things have changed from the beginning and now in the 21st century, the design house has become the focus of criticism for some presentations, which are unconventional and of course not cheap.

The new Balenciaga sneakers

Once again, Balenciaga managed to be a trend after launching an online pre-sale on its new model called ‘Paris Sneaker’.

The shoes that were introduced recently had an advertising campaign with photographs created by Leopold Duchemin, where you can see completely worn tennis shoes.

The idea for the shoes, according to ‘Vanity Fair’, aims to show what sneakers would look like after 100 years, which is reflected in the pictures that have already been circulating on social media and provoked various comments and funny memes.

“Balenciaga, Playing to Be Poor, Chapter 3455”, “I think Balenciaga is already an attempt to see how stupid people are” or “What would Miranda say about the new Balenciaga line ?, are just a few comments on Twitter .

Many users were surprised by the audacity of the brand to put something like this on the market, as they are not considered very flattering.

Its worn look and similar silhouette to the famous Converse got internet users to play with the idea that they should have their own Balenciaga because their shoes look like the ones in the pictures.

“Now I can say I’ve been to Balenciaga because my sneakers are the same”, “I’ve been to Balenciaga for 15 years and realized”, “Thanks to Balenciaga all my old stars will be in fashion” or ” Now it turns out that my Converse is Balenciaga and I did not realize it “.

Of course, memes could not be missing and this is one of the best we find on social networks.

They also showed what a Barbie doll would look like if she decided to wear this model for men and women.

It never seems to stop working to connect all the situations with the series ‘The Simpsons’ and its chapters adapt to any subject, even if it is fashionable.

What does a real product look like?

On its official website, Balenciaga reported that the advertising images do not represent the product that will be sold.

The collection consists of more than 4 models and some of them do not have wear or imperfections, therefore their price is lower.

Two of them, however, are those who have this sleek tennis style and are the most expensive, because the price of them is about 2 thousand dollars.

There will only be 100 couples available and the pre-sale is already active.

Although the price is high, many people think it is not so expensive, as Balenciaga is an expensive brand and many people might end up buying them despite the model’s complaint.

“Obviously Balenciaga was going to make them expensive, otherwise there is no joke and definitely someone who pays for them”, “They have even sold torn shirts at exorbitant prices, the truth does not surprise me” or “Don ‘Do not even complain “There will definitely be someone who criticizes this and will still buy it,” were other comments on Twitter.

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