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Logitech hosted the first music awards show in the metaverse

Logitech hosted the first music awards show in the metaverse

With a ceremony taking place in Roblox, the second edition of the official Song Breaker Awards was made, which recognizes the creators who shape pop music on social networks.

Logitech for creatorsAn extension of the Logitech brand dedicated to the empowerment of content creators, announced the second annual Logitech Son Breaker Awards, the first music awards show in Roblox. The awards recognize content creators who have shaped pop music through the challenges of dance, memes and trends shown and shared on social media, especially on TikTok and YouTube, Over the past year.

The event will be broadcast in Roblox on Saturday, April 30 at 3:00 pm, but from today you can access the platform to experience a preview of the show.

The Song Breaker Awards is one of many experiences for content creators as part of Logitech’s For Creators’ global “Together We Create” campaign, which shares its collaborative vision for shaping the future of content co – creation.

The Immersive World was designed from the ground up as a fun, creator – centered experience, encouraging the public to engage with their favorite role models and play with them in unexpected ways. The Song Breaker Awards will be presented by digital animator Bretman Rock. Lizzo, the award-winning iconic and multiple GRAMMY® artist, will also take to the stage at the Song Breaker Awards. “I had a lot of fun collaborating with Logitech For Creators on the showRock said.

“I am the host, so you know you will be entertained. I’m excited for the community to join us in celebrating great and talented artists together. “

Lizzowho previewed their new song “Special” as part of the campaign DEFY LOGIC with Logitech earlier this year, he will be playing the theme song on stage at the awards. “I’m excited to make my debut with Logitech and play ‘Special,’ a song that means a lot to me, ”said Lizzo. “As a musician and creator, I love that the Logitech Song Breaker Awards show recognizes the unique talent of all creators, and the impact of each and every one on pop culture and music.“.

Other creators will gather for this year’s celebration MeganSeinnan streamer of chip and the musician and activist Jaden Smith. There will also be a musical performance by a singer and songwriter GAILLEShe is best known for her Billboard hit # 1 “abcde-forget-u.”

Honorers include the “Promoters”, creators who initiated trends, dances and challenges, and the “Amplifiers”, popular creators responsible for increasing challenges for their audience and the public. Awards include:

  1. Cost and Mayor – “Let’s Groove” by Earth, Wind, & Fire (Remix). The Austin Couple and Marideth Telenko also collaborated with Logitech to capture the choreography of all honors to make Roblox emotional.
  2. David Vu – “Get Into it (Yuh)” by Doja Cat, Promoter
  3. Dreia Mac – “Free Brand Own” by Dreya Mac; Údar
  4. GAILLE – GAYLE’s “abcde-forget-u”; Údar. GAYLE will receive the award for best song of the year. His song had the biggest impact on the Billboard Song Breaker Chart, appearing on the chart for three months in a row.
  5. JucyJ – “Might be – Remix” with DJ Luke Nasty; Údar
  6. JVKE – “This is How It Feels Falling in Love” by JVKE; Údar
  7. Noah Beck – “Money” for Trinidad Cardona; amplifier
  8. span 3000 – “Run Out” with VANO 3000; promoter
  9. Walker Hayes – “Fancy Like” by Walker Hayes; Údar. Hayes has been nominated for its first GRAMMY Award this year. During the pandemic, Hayes and her family made TikTok videos for fun, creating dances for various songs on their album. Her TikTok video for “Fancy Like” received over 2.5 million likes, which was a huge success with the song.
  10. Tracy Joseph – “Love Nwantiti” by C-Kay; Údar