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United States: An 8-year-old boy has been arrested for allegedly stealing a bag of nachos, Police actions have gone viral and agents are summaries

United States: An 8-year-old boy has been arrested for allegedly stealing a bag of nachos, Police actions have gone viral and agents are summaries

A package of nachos Doritos Cool Ranch caused scandal in United States of America, after video went viral you see two policemen parked in a patrol car child, after throwing his red and black bike to the ground, and scattering the snacks on the sidelines. In addition to the criticism of the police actions during this episode that went viral on social networks, it started in that dependence of Syracuse, in New York, an internal summary to assess the behavior of these troops.

It all started because the boy was accused of stealing the Doritos. So when one of the officers grabbed his hand to get him into the patrol car, this little boy started screaming and crying. That caught the attention of the Kenneth Jackson, who recorded the video and who told that he began to record that scene when he saw that the police on the minor ‘s bicycle were “ghosts”.

In the film, another child tries to clarify with a “It was not”, to protect the little boy in contact with the police, who has not stopped screaming. Meanwhile, Jackson and other adults argue with the troops. “He was stealing”an officer asks them a question and that’s when Jackson asks him with irony and anger: “What did he steal? A packet of chips?

Jackson even offers to pay for the fries or walk the children home, but finally the police put the little boy on the cell phone, put the bike in the stock and leave.

Syracuse’s official behavior with a child prompted criticism and internal summary

The fact is that the troops brought the boy and his two brothers to his house, according to reports The Washington Post. And as the father of the three revealed, Anthony Weah, a Syracuse.comthe officers showed up friendly at home, they did not cause and did not ask him to pay for the nachos.

However, Weah later saw the video about his son ‘s arrest, which was shared thousands of times on Facebook, Twitter and TikTok. “You can’t treat a bag of chips like that to him, because he killed someone,” said the boy ‘s father, quoted by The Washington Post, and I add: “He’s not a criminal.”

Disgusted with what happened, Weah revealed that he now intends to file a complaint with the Police Department. “Today they did it for my son, but tomorrow they are going to do the same with another child. So I’m worried about the boys in general. They should not be treated like this, ”considered the man.

Even though, Syracuse Police Department issued a statement stating that they were aware of the incident and stating that they would check the cameras worn by officers in their uniforms, as reported The Washington Post. Furthermore, from the dependency they clarified that the boy was not “the handful”, spread version on social networks.

For his part, the mayor of Syracuse, Ben Walsh -which is an independent politician- also a press release in which he stated that “worried” and in which he mentioned that the officers were already “They knew the child from previous interactions.” He added that the incident highlighted the “continuing need” for the city to “provide support” for children and their families, as well as “invest in alternative response options to help the troops.”

During a press conference Wednesday, the Governor of New York said, Kathy Hochul (D), said the video “Witness a heartbreak” He said: “I know the mayor is working closely with the Police Department to get to the bottom of everything, but also to make sure that we protect our children, that they are treated differently in contacts. with the Police. “

According to The Washington Posta Doritos Cool Ranch bag costs about 3 dollars, that is, about 340 Argentine pesos.

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