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The former Bachelor star gives a major update to his house

The former Bachelor star gives a major update to his house


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Colton Underwood gave fans an update on life. The 30-year-old former “Bachelor” star, who came out as gay in 2020, is remodeling the multi-million dollar house she recently bought with her fiancé, Jordan C. Brown.

Underwood, 30, and Brown, 38, announced their engagement in February 2022 after eight months of dating. The engagement came two months after the couple paid $ 3.185 million for a house in the Sherman Oaks area of ​​Los Angeles, California, according to The New York Post.

But Underwood has indicated he is now ready to turn the property into a dream home with his future husbands.

Colton Underwood hired a design team to renovate the house he bought with Jordan C. Brown

In an Instagram post from April 2022, Underwood questioned a team of designers from Unscripted Interiors and revealed that she is giving a makeover a new expensive place.

“It takes two things to get it right,” the “Coming Out Colton” star wrote in the post. “I’m proud to announce another partnership with women @ unscripted.interiors – they will be designing our house in Los Angeles.”

Underwood also shared a series of photos from his old home in Colorado, adding, “You thought the Denver house was great … stay and see.”

“The sequel we’re all waiting for!” the design company posted on Instagram. “When our Netflix superstar and favorite icon asked us to help design his new home in Los Angeles, how could we say no?”

The team also shared a quote from Underwood: “My last home in Denver is Unscripted Interiors just after being knocked out of the field. Every detail. every color every minute. I’m excited to design the perfect house for Jordan and for myself. “

But Underwood’s announcement has attracted some fans.

“What about all the gay interior designers? Do we need love too ?! “Said a trailer.

“Always sell something,” wrote another about Underwood.

“Too much publicity. I’m leaving, “agreed another.

“At some point, it is sad to feel that all these influential benefits are a scam,” wrote another.

Others questioned why Underwood originally lives in Los Angeles, having spent so much money on remodeling his previous home last year, but other commentators were more supportive.

“May your home be a safe home for you and your husband in the future,” one fan wrote to the former football player.

Underwood called his home in Denver a ‘sanctuary’

In December 2021, Underwood explained why she had moved to Denver after splitting from her last “Bachelor” of choice, Cassie Randolph, from whom a restraining order came, according to TMZ. Randolph dropped the restraining order, and Underwood left Los Angeles for Denver, Colorado.

Regarding the house he bought during that time, Underwood told Us Weekly that he built it as a safe space while working to put his life in order.

“I think the sabbatical vacation and moving back to Colorado, kind of giving myself space and time away from the community, was the healthiest decision I could make,” he said. “I took it as my refuge. It’s such a weird feeling. I’ve been running it for less than a year, but I did my best to keep myself entertained and feel safe and comfortable. “

The finished house had a custom gym, gourmet kitchen, and wine wall.

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