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“how to value your company’s surplus money and (…)

“how to value your company’s surplus money and (…)


The UPE06 in partnership with the BPMed offers a workshop on April 29 that will interest any business manager who has questions about the valuation of their cash surplus.

There are many investments that allow you to increase your extra business money, but not all of them address the same needs (savings available in the short, medium or long term).

an investment advice adapted to the nature of the company, holding company or operating entity. The legal, economic and fiscal constraints of professional savings are not the same as individual savings.

The cash surplus generated by financial investments may be converted into deferred income for the manager in his private domain.

There are various possibilities for withdrawing this money and not all have the same tax system.

Finally, this surplus of money was returned to the manager help increase your retirement savings. The new retirement savings plan simplifies and harmonises the operating rules for retirement products.

This new product is a complementary solution to the essential life insurance and PEA covers

Speakers : Cyrille MACAUDIEREBPMED Heritage Engineer, Marion AZOULAY : BPMED Heritage Engineer

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UPE06 – 273 Georges Guynemer Avenue – Cap Var – C2 – 2nd Floor – 06700 ST LAURENT DU VAR

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