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Record surplus and rebate for Avantis Co – operative

Record surplus and rebate for Avantis Co – operative

After three general meetings, Avantis Cooperative still has the highest surplus ($ 26.3 million) and a historic dividend ($ 7 million).

The excellent results of this third year of Avantis, as a result of recent cooperative mergers, are among other things linked to the good performance of the refurbished centers.

“The markets were unique, there were expansions, take materials like wood. Investments we make in advance have been profitable. Everything that was volatile (like grain prices too) had an impact, namely commodity prices, ”said Avantis Cooperative President Denis Lévesque.

Other factors explain the good financial health, including the rapid recovery following the merger as well as the restructuring of the agricultural sector, with the agricultural cooperative Sollio & Avantis.

“One thing that makes me proud is the merging of the board of directors. We merged four co – operatives, the fifth co – operative a year later and we have only the sixth co – operative. But very quickly, within six months of the effective date, the board of directors merged. We have been able to make decisions quickly, ”says Mr Lévesque.

The agricultural members present at last Thursday’s assembly therefore voted a maximum dividend of $ 7 million to be redistributed to the 14,172 members of the cooperative, including 2,590 members of agricultural producers.

We should note that the development of the Horizon 2026 strategic plan remains one of the highlights of the year. Proximity to members, corporate responsibility, a strong “employer” brand and an enhanced client experience are some of the priorities.

Avantis Co – operative also continued its support for food banks in its territory, in particular by participating in the From us to you campaign, initiated by Sollio Groupe Coopératif, by donating the equivalent of $ 55,000 in foodstuffs from local producers. In total in 2021, $ 296,600 was donated in various forms to the community and as bursaries to the next generation of farmers.

Avantis Co – operative also awarded bursaries from the Joint Agricultural Succession Fund to 29 young farmers. The total amount of these scholarships is $ 152,439. Note among the recipients are Rémi Hudon, a goat producer from Rivière-Ouelle, Johanne Potvin, a dairy producer from Sainte-Hélène, and Sébastien Laplante, a dairy producer from Saint-Germain.

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