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Bastia: the rise of the suburban train

Bastia: the rise of the suburban train

Nearly 6,000 passes were carried out by the CFC services with the closure of the tunnel. The crowds on the trains are constant with peaks at peak times which are currently well managed. Railway workers prepare for expected influx in third week

If Richard Anthony no longer hears the whistle of the train, the inhabitants of the towns in the south of Bastiathey had to get used to this sweet melody from the closing the tunnel. the line reinforcement from railroads of the Corsica for the peri-urban service of Bastia has since enjoyed unprecedented success.

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An onslaught of trains and rails, which can only delight Jacques Chibaudel, the production director of the CFCs. For this particular period when the tunnel is closed, all trains are free and to meet demand, a pass system to access the micheline has been designed by the camini di ferru di a Corsica.

80% new passengers

If no count is made on the number of trains, the crowds are strong on the peri-urban lines of Bastia.  - Angele Ricciardi

No less than 6,000 tickets of this type have been issued for this period alone, which can only delight the CFC manager. “You have to be honest, we did not expect such enthusiasm for our means of transport. It was a pleasant surprise to find that there were so many passengers on our lines. The filling rate is quite exceptional. Park and ride facilities play their role very well and there is excellent turnover, for example at Furiani. People leave their cars and drive into town with peace of mind. »

Especially since all the people who take the time to admire the landscape by going to the city center, where just a few days ago they were still stuck in traffic jams are new customers for the CFCs. “60 to 80% of our travelers had never taken the train before. It is to be hoped that once the tunnel work is completed, they will stick with CFCs. In any case, all this shows that we are able to offer alternative solutions to the car. We are demonstrating it here in Bastia, and tomorrow if we have the rolling stock, we can also do it in the Ajaccio region. But, for that, we need to have a sufficient number of trains in the two cities. A large part of the power cars of Haute-Corse are currently mobilized in the Bastia region. It is therefore essential to equip ourselves with new equipment so that we can meet this demand”.

The great unknown of the start of the school year

If, for these first two weeks, the mobilization of railway workers has made it possible to absorb passenger traffic, they are all preparing for the rush expected from Monday March 7, the day of the start of the school year. A great unknown which stresses the CFC production manager a little, even if everything is ready.

“We are a bit in the dark. We know that the lines are at peak times, in the morning and in the evening, already full. We don’t have an exact count since they are free, but the trains are busy. From next week, we can expect an additional influx of passengers. But our system has already demonstrated its full relevance and robustness. All of this will go crescendo with the return of students and then with that of colleges and high schools. But we are ready to meet the demand. »

It should also be noted that Jacques Chibaudel was able to count on the involvement of his staff to carry out this essential mission in order to make road traffic as smooth as possible. “All the railway workers who are often decried within the population have fully played the game. All are mobilized to make this rise in power a success. The holidays have been postponed and all the employees mobilized so that we fulfill our missions. We can only be satisfied and I know that tomorrow we will be able to cope, with the means that will be made available to us, and continue on this path. This bodes well for the future of CFCs. »

Will it be the same on the roads on March 7? Alternating traffic, whose traffic signs are already ready to be installed at strategic locations, could avoid chaos on the roads. On the rails, however, there will be no difficulty getting in and out of the city… so advantage at Trinighellu!

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