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A neat scam by two students in Toulouse to betray La Poste

A neat scam by two students in Toulouse to betray La Poste

Fake package but actual request for refund. Two 21-year-old men admitted to betraying La Poste, near Toulouse. They managed to recover more than 2,000 euros before the mask was unveiled.

It’s a very lucrative scam set up by two students from the Toulouse region. The 21-year-old crooks regularly went to the Colomiers post office to deliver packages. They used automatic post offices and took out systematic insurance worth up to € 1,000.

Trays were never sent, but declared missing

All they had to do was steal a stamp from the front desk in a nice way, or confuse La Poste’s agent, to confirm the shipment. But the packages were never delivered and the two young men were able to start a refund process due to the loss of the package.

Three times, the two men managed to get a refund from La Poste by producing mobile phone bills. But after pocketing more than 2,000 euros, they were unveiled by La Poste, as reported 20 minutes. They confessed and chose the “guilty” procedure.

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