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‘Underdog’ ADO calls RKC favorite in cup meeting: ‘We like to push them in’

‘Underdog’ ADO calls RKC favorite in cup meeting: ‘We like to push them in’

‘Underdog’ ADO calls RKC favorite in cup meeting: ‘We like to push them in’
Daryl Janmaat © Soccrates Images

THE HAGUE – If ADO Den Haag manages to win the eighth finals of the KNVB Cup tournament against RKC Waalwijk on Tuesday evening; it will qualify for the quarterfinals for the first time in seventeen years. The two-time cup winner is often referred to as a ‘cupfighter’; but that has no longer been the case in recent years.

The relationship that the football club from The Hague has had with the cup tournament in recent years is far from loving. Feyenoord knocked the residence club out of the cup three times. And in 2015/2016 the amateurs of Genemuiden were even the final destination. Not good statistics and that while the current trainer does have a good relationship with the tournament. In his career he reached the quarterfinals twice; with Helmond Sport and RKC; and the semifinals twice; with NAC and RKC.

‘What’s the secret? They are great challenges. The last time we eliminated an Eredivisie team was with NAC. Then Emmen flew out of the cup. You feel that something like that triggers something. It also worked then. But you want to measure yourself against higher clubs; you notice that when amateurs play against us’; says Brood.

‘We are certainly not equal on a number of fronts. Just look at the budget. We are at 1.5 million euros for the players budget; I think RKC has a little more. They can make targeted purchases; play a level higher and are very effective. We are the ‘underdog’ in the duel’; continues Brood. ‘Is that nice? That can be very tasty. We will certainly push RKC into the favorites role.’

Possible consequences for fitness

The midweek cup match is shortly before a difficult competition match. On Friday; ADO travels to Kerkrade and meets number six Roda. Shooting your gun against RKC may have consequences for fitness on Friday evening. Due to the win over Oss last weekend; the gap to second place is only two points.

‘It’s right for me. I don’t put the cup above the competition or vice versa. These are two important matches’; says Daryl Janmaat. -If you can make it to the quarterfinals; then you should definitely not fail to do so. Look at the teams that are still in the cup. With a bit of a lucky draw you could easily make it to the semi-finals.’

Janmaat; who struggled with a knee injury for a long time; played his third game of the season against Oss and is feeling good. ‘I’m ready for RKC. Would I be able to play three games a week? I’d like to try it anyway. Together with the physiotherapists and the trainer; we look closely at what is the best thing to do. We are building it up slowly and that works well.’

Kramer does a dance

ADO Den Haag will meet an old acquaintance in Waalwijk. Since this season; striker Michiel Kramer has been under contract with RKC. Last weekend; the tall attacker stood out when he did a remarkable dance after a goal. ‘I loved the dance; that’s how I know him again. If he scores then I think he will come up with something else. I just don’t think our keeper will give such an assist as the keeper of Go Ahead Eagles did’; with which Brood refers to Warner Hahn’s goalkeeper mistake.

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