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Bitcoin (BTC): In the West there is nothing new, except cryptos

Bitcoin (BTC): In the West there is nothing new, except cryptos

Crypto-currencies, portrayed by King Bitcoin, come at the right time in a context where the barons of the monetary system are making life difficult for everyone. We can see that far from our hard work is the financial stability that is promised to us. At the height of our adversity, a certain Sathoshi Nakamoto comes up with the solution of the age: bitcoin (BTC).

Utopia vs. reality

We are taught truths that push us work hard (and produce more) every day to end together. Likewise, we are encouraged to work overtime to save money, which will ensure a better future.

We were also pressured in every way to deposit our hard earned assets in a bank. Alternatively, we promised the security of our property, and sometimes a few snippets of interest to hide the ridicule of financial giants.

Except that the time comes very quickly when one feels disguised by the honeyed words of the banking agents. As we meet them, we are yoke gets invisible and unbreakable.

Because once we have integrated the system, we are left with only restrictive rules on the letter. Which puts us in limits for the execution of transactions and the inalienable power of censorship.

If things get salty, these institutions will have no difficulty in confiscating our heritage. And when necessary, central banks print fiat currency at will. A phenomenon that usually precedes inflation.

As soon as we descend from the clouds, we are confronted with disturbing truths, to the point of panic in our hearts. Until we come face to face an best financial alternative : cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, the ideal anti-fiat solution

Launched by Satoshi Nakamoto on January 3, 2009, with 13 years of experience, bitcoin (BTC) is a revolution in the current system has come to an end. Sure, we tried to put a spoke in its wheels, but so far it works without a hitch.

If you decide to turn the page and the rí crypto in your daily life, know that you need to consider the following points:

– Buy bitcoins

Satoshi Nakamoto’s goal is with Bitcoin provide us with a system Peer to Peer revolutionary empower as many people as possible. So this encrypted currency is automatically people’s money and gets support from the people.

With the facilities it develops, including protecting your assets from inflation, potential savings, exchange, etc., it becomes urgent to integrate it into your portfolio.

Be aware that the supply of bitcoin is limited to 21 million units. Your incentive to buy tokens, and subsequent ones, will only increase the amount of benefits associated with this asset, including its price (currently set at $ 42,864.13).

– Secure your private keys

Private keys, not to be confused with public keys, put real power in the hands of bitcoin holders. Thanks to them, you will happily do without the influence of a third party who specializes in asset management.

So when the purchase is complete, embed your bitcoins a cold storage or a suitable storage place. So you alone decide the future of your property as the sole holder of the private keys.

– Create an entire node (full node) bitcoin

This step involves installing your Bitcoin node, the main purpose of which is to grant you complete freedom of action with your holdings. This ensures your security and privacy purse. An advantage that the old system never gave us for sure, due to a lack of transparency.

So a node connected to a purse allows real autonomy in your transactions, being able, in turn, to express them on the Bitcoin network. It also allows, at low cost, to secure your assets.

– Increase the level of anonymity

To ensure a high level of anonymity on the Bitcoin network, you need to use a reliable method like CoinJoin. Like Satoshi Nakamoto, the rí incognito of this universe, you can use this technology to create decoys in the trading process.

CoinJoin, which can be paired with purse such as Samourai or Wasabi, corresponds to a principle that includes a transaction that contributes to some activists who are fans of anonymity. By offering a full range of possibilities for securing financial transactions, this method will ensure that no observer can reveal your identity.

Please note that Wasabi only accepts CoinJoin transactions with a value greater than or equal to 0.01 BTC. Samourai accepts lower amounts, however, whose anonymous fees do not exceed the 0.003% rate.

– Pay safely

Bitcoin has long been accused of limiting the possibilities for its holders: high transaction fees, long transaction validation times, unavailability for daily payments… Its swaps will have every interest in keeping an eye open since some cases showing otherwise reported by Cointribune. recently.

Moreover, the future of the Bitcoin system as a widespread payment method in everyday life has already been mapped. To find solutions like Lightning Network, capable of validating 7 transactions per second, payments (and receipts) of cryptocurrencies are no longer a problem.

We hope you find this presentation, inspired by the advice of blogger Sylvain Saurel (In Bitcoin We Trust), useful, especially if you are in doubt about this upcoming divorce from the traditional banking sector. But before you start, also consider learning more about this New World that you want to integrate.

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