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The Lakers/Clippers trade that would fix Westbrook’s problem

The Lakers/Clippers trade that would fix Westbrook’s problem

The further into the season; the more obvious it seems: Russell Westbrook doesn’t have the profile to flourish alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. And to recover title options; the managers could therefore trade him; and why not to the Clippers; where his profile would be beneficial?

The Lakers struggled in the first half of the season with a balanced balance and few certainties in the game; but at the same time it is very difficult to find the right system in the absence ofanthony davis; and Russell Westbrook still hasn’t gotten used to his new role. He made a big statement about it. in the media; but we will have to put our words into practice on the ground.

And at the other franchise in town; the Clippers; things aren’t necessarily better. Indeed; Kawhi Leonard he’s still recovering from his torn ACL during the last few playoffs; even though he’s before his rehabilitation; and Paul George is also in the sick bay. According to some reporters; he might even miss the rest of the season!

Russell Westbrook on the Clippers against two guards?

What if a deal between the two feuding brothers could save the Purple and Gold season and allow the Clippers to come back stronger next year; with the return of both All-Stars? We will have to find common ground; which will not necessarily be easy; but russell westbrook could do a lot of good for Tyronn Lue and his gang; especially without the two Los Angeles natives.

The Lakers/Clippers trade that would fix Westbrook’s problem

The Lakers receive: Luke Kennard; Eric Bledsoe; Reggie Jackson

Hair clippers receive: russell westbrook

With Eric Bledsoe and Reggie Jackson; the Lakers could adapt to any situation. The former knows how to play up defensively; which is always useful in the playoffs; when the latter; like Dennis Schröder last season; can create on his own and score; even from behind the arc; something Westbrook doesn’t do at the moment. Luke Kennard would be a shooter off the bench that would relieve a lot Lebron James.

For the Clippers; getting Russell Westbrook back would bring a little creation for the others; something that is sorely lacking right now. Nicolas Batum looks like the best coach in the team; which is not necessarily a great sign in a team that is aiming for a title. This XXL exchange could quickly turn out to be beneficial for both sides.

Russell Westbrook is in trouble on the Lakers; and it will no doubt be difficult for him to reverse the trend. And if one passage in the other franchise of the city allowed him to find some energy? La Morada y Dorada could win back interesting players in return.

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