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The amazing player who changes a lot of things in the Lakers!

The amazing player who changes a lot of things in the Lakers!

Although the Lakers are going through a very difficult season, some players manage to get out of the game, in particular the case of Austin Reaves, who is having a good season in Los Angeles. Fans love it, and its impact is undeniable, with evidence to back it up.

Despite a fairly lackluster record of 21-21, the Lakers hope to finish this second half of the season strong. To do this, they can count on the return of Anthony Davis, which should return in the coming weeks. Big news for this roster, at least if the interior goes back to normal.

Because Unibrown is far from satisfactory, as is Russell Westbrook. The latter continues the criticism, with Kendrick Perkins who plainly demands a fine against him. The tensions are present, although Frank Vogel still believes in him… for the moment. With the deadline approaching, anything can happen.

The X factor of the Lakers this season!

However, for other players, the deadline is likely to be pretty quiet, like Austin Reaves. The young Angeleno player is a success and his impact is widely felt. Two statistics allow us to see the side a little more clearly.

The Lakers are +11.3 Net with Austin Reaves on the floor this season. -4.6 when not on the ground, a difference of +16. Obviously, not everything is him, but the numbers are not a coincidence either.

With these two numbers, we understand that Reaves has a positive impact on this team. Obviously it’s not just him, but we’re talking about a player who shines on both sides of the pitch: a profile highly sought after by the teams. The ideal replacement for Alex Caruso:

Austin Reaves is seducing this season with the Lakers, and his impact is evident. A good choice for the reception, which you will undoubtedly want to keep over time. One of the rare satisfactions of the Purple and Gold side.