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In the end, Matt Pokora gets carried away against Russell Westbrook!

In the end, Matt Pokora gets carried away against Russell Westbrook!

In the end, Matt Pokora gets carried away against Russell Westbrook!

NBA LakeShow (DR) / @mattpokora

Lakers fans are beginning to lose patience with Russell Westbrook. The base was again in trouble this Wednesday on the court of the Kings, and was criticized for his choices at the end of the game. Matt Pokora, for example, shared his frustration.

Games have come and gone for the Lakers since Anthony Davis’ injury, and Wednesday’s trip to Sacramento was no exception… Lebron James put in a great performance, at least statistically, Malik Monk re-established himself as the second offensive option on this team, and russell westbrook it was way below expectations for him. In the clutch, his decision-making still caused a stir.

4 points up, the Lakers have the momentum with them, just over a minute to go, and that’s the shot Russell Westbrook takes.

Matt Pokora pissed off at Russell Westbrook’s performance

In addition to being criticized by observers, the All-Star point guard was also mercilessly humiliated by the Kings, including a very unflattering song about him broadcast in the room… A situation that probably has consequences on the morale of the troops, but which also has consequences on the mental health of the fans. The proof Matt Pokora, like many Angelenos, totally cracked at the end of the Monsieur Triple-Double match.

Russell Westbrook is particularly frustrating right now, with performances well below his career standards. He is also well aware of his difficulties, and it was explained to the media after the meeting. with words that did not please everyone. Fortunately, you can count on the support of LeBron James, who was quite easy on him despite the frustrating loss in Sacramento.

The good news is that netizens’ frustration reflects an interest and passion still intact at home. They are far from having abandoned Frank Vogel’s men, and are still hoping for a turnaround in the coming weeks. And if Russell Westbrook finds the address, they’ll be the first to cheer him on.

Matt Pokora is an avid Lakers fan and is starting to warm to the game Frank Vogel’s men have to offer. And like many fans, he holds Russell Westbrook responsible for the misfit. It remains to be seen if the Purple and Gold will find a solution to reverse the situation.